Monday, May 22, 2017

Is The U.S. Strategy To Defeat The Islamic State Working?

Next Big Future: Delegate and Annihilate is working against ISIS

But less than four months after Trump took office, Mattis said the operational and tactical difference has been clear.

Two significant changes resulted from President Trump’s review of our findings.
1. he delegated authority to the right level to aggressively and in a timely manner move against enemy vulnerabilities.
2. he directed a tactical shift”: surround ISIS fighters, instead of just pushing them out of a given territory.

The changes can be described as effective delegation and annihilation.

There has been no change to our continued extraordinary efforts to avoid innocent civilian casualties, despite needing to go into populated areas,” he said. And American troops are still under instruction to halt at the last point of cover and concealment, letting local forces go in for the direct assault.

Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) surged in northwest Mosul in a bid to clear the city prior to Ramadan, anticipated to begin on May 26. Emergency Response Division (ERD) and Federal Police (FP) units joined 9th and 15th Iraqi Army Division units in northwest Mosul on April 28. The combined forces recaptured the neighborhoods of Mushairfa and 30 Tamouz, and are fighting to seize the denser neighborhoods of Harmat, 17 Tamouz, and Hawi Kanisa as of May 11, 2017.

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WNU Editor: The trend is clearly favouring those who want to destroy the Islamic State. But others have a different point of view on what is unfolding in the Middle East .... Trump’s Simplistic Strategy on Jihadism (Robin Wright, The New Yorker)


Jason Lacombe said...
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László Mikó said...

About the results that been achieved against IS in the past couple of months, Trump and the new administration has little to none to do. The The Mosul operation already started by that time they get in position, and of how it will go down was well known, and about the Raqqa operation, it was also in plan and pre-execution, just waited for the initialisation (situation clearance in Al-Bab). Its the Pentagon who should deserve the glory now, and very well for a reason.

The new administration trully changed on some aspects and views, and became more engaging,. Sticking to arming the Kurds, the Missile attacks, and the recent Syrian rebel influx from the Jordan border (which is basically happening since 2012), stepping up on US SF strikes against IS affiliated targets in Yemen and Afghanistan, now these are the new administration's moves, and they are not bad. However the recent SAA advances in the Jordan border will be a base of some news article up to come, Trump sure gonna fight back on this side. Exciting times in the world, exciting times.