Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ISIS Takes Credit For Today's Suicide Car Bomb Attack Targeting A NATO Convoy In Kabul, Afghanistan

Daily Mail: ISIS suicide car bomb attack on US convoy in Afghanistan leaves eight dead and 28 wounded including three American soldiers

* ISIS car bomber attacked convoy as it passed close to US embassy in Kabul
* Fanatic drove vehicle full of explosives into rush-hour traffic before detonating
* Eight Afghan civilians were killed while three US troops were among 28 injured
* There are around 8,000 US personnel left in Afghanistan in a non-combat role

Eight civilians were killed and another 28 people wounded, including three American soldiers, when an ISIS suicide bomber attacked a US convoy in Afghanistan.

The convoy was passing close to the American embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul during the morning rush-hour on Wednesday when the attack happened.

A militant drove a car packed with explosives into traffic before a powerful blast ripped vehicles apart and left a crater in the middle of the road.

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