Monday, May 29, 2017

Israeli TV: President Trump Yelled At Palestinian President Abbas In Meeting For 'Lying About Commitment To Peace'

Donald Trump welcomes Mahmoud Abbas to White House in Washington , May 3, 2017. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Times of Israel: Trump yelled at Abbas: ‘You tricked me in DC,’ Israeli TV reports

President’s outburst in last week’s talks, alleging PA chief is engaged in anti-Israel incitement, was followed by shocked silence, Channel 2 claims; Palestinians insist meeting went fine.

On the surface, US President Donald Trump’s relations with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have been surprisingly warm, but that belies a furious critique leveled by Trump at Abbas in their meeting in Bethlehem last week, an Israeli TV report said.

An angry Trump yelled at Abbas during their talks last Tuesday for his alleged direct involvement in incitement against Israel, Channel 2 reported, citing an unnamed American source.

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Update #1: Trump yelled at Abbas in meeting for 'lying about commitment to peace': report -- i24 News
Update #2: Trump furious with Abbas: You lied to me -- Arutz Sheva

WNU Editor: The White House is not denying these reports.


Chase jones said...

Q the left. What a bully

Aizino Smith said...

Abbas lie?

Of course he is Palestinian!

B.Poster said...

Mr. Abbas did not "trick" Mr. Trump. IF we assume this report is accurate which it may not be, POTUS tricked himself. This tends to happen when one basis their policies and action on a preset ideology as opposed to reality. The Palestinians have NEVER been interested in peace nor have they EVER been trustworthy.

If DJT is catching on even though he should have known better than to trust ANYTHING Abbas said form the start, this is a good sign. It is in stark contrast to those past and present US officials who just can't seem to grasp reality and wish to continue their love affair along with the American government's love affair with the evil and treacherous Palestinians.

With this said there is a potential diplomatic solutuon to this problem. Cut off all aid to the Palestinians or at the very least make the aid they receive highly conditional much like that which Israel receives. Do this and the parties woukd then ve on more equal footing. In the current environment, the Palestinians have little to negotiate in good faith.

Jay Farquharson said...

"The Palestinians have NEVER been interested in peace nor have they EVER been trustworthy."


B.Poster said...


The statement is true. Any POTUS or any US official would be unwise to trust anything they say. I find nothing funny about US resources being spent supporting such a thuggish and murderous entity. I did suggest a possible path to peace. If you read the post in it's entirety you saw it.

Jay Farquharson said...


Camp David Accords1

Israeli Responsibilities and Promises, 22
Israeli Responsibilities and Promises fulfilled to date, 0

Palistinian Responsibilities and Promises, 18
Palestinian Responsibilities and Promises fulfilled by end of first year*, 16


B.Poster said...

Oh great the Palestinians get to say to their media surrogates about how they've fulfilled "promises" all while they do NOTHING in substance and everybody loves and worships the evil, murderous, thughish Palestinians.

Part of the problem the Palestinians have is while their media support, their friends in high places in the US government and around the world, and the extreme hatred of Israelis around the world allows them a huge messaging advantage, they seem to have fallen victim to actually believing their own ridiculous messaging no matter how ridiculous it is.

The problem for them is compounded by the fact that Israel as a high tech first world country has much to offer. The Palestinians have NOTHING to offer. Perhaps if they eliminate their desire to exterminate Israel which WILL NOT happen, focus earnestly on making peace, and good things can happen for them.

Continue along the current path and they will be emliminated. This limitation will not occur at the hands of America. Ametican leadership has a crush on all things Palestinian and all things related to them. The end to them will likely come from Israel with help from the Russians and Chinese or from the Russians acting alone themselves.

Like them or not the Russians and Chinese are seroius about growing their economies and advancing their intersts. Such people will eventually become tired of the Palestinians as they are currently constitued and will end this problem once and for all. Of course the Palestinians could begin earnest negotiations now. If they started now, they'd get a favorable deal relative to Israel.

James said...

There is a good chance this did not happen.

Jay Farquharson said...


In 1967, Israel achieved what she needed for an everlasting peace.

Settler Colonies, need to either exterminate the native populations, or reach accord with the natives and the neighbor's.

Settler Colonies, need to either exterminate the native populations, or reach accord with the natives and the neighbors.

The Plan at the time was to trade land for peace.

The chunks of Palistine ripped from the Arab Nations would be used to bring about the Two State Solution. Defence Minister Dylan famously pointed to the recently conquored Gaza Slums in '67 and boasted "watch what a garden we make of this place".

The chunks of Egypt, Syria and Jordan would be traded back for peace deals and trade deals.

This would allow Israel, a settler colony of eastern europeans, to integrate into the neighbourhood.

But then of course, Israel decided in fits and starts that somehow she could have both, keep the land and somehow also negotiate peace and trade.

For Israel to be a Jewish Democracy in the Middle East, because of demographics, Israel needs a Palistinian State to exist.

Because Israel is unwilling to give up the land, or hold to any of her commitments, the Two State Solution is dead, Greater Israel exists, and it's neither Jewish, nor a Democracy.


Israel now has only three paths forward.

Become a full democracy and cease to exist as a Eastern European Colony State and become a Palistinian State,

Try to create a Lebanon Accord to preserve the Jewish Minority Power in a political accord with the Palistinian, Arab, Beduin and Christian groups, but as Lebanon proves, this is not a path for either stability or success.

Or Israel ethnically cleansing Palestine through the same programs of genocide and dispossession, Israel used to try to monoculture Israel with in the '48, ( but failed), the Nakba writ large.

Jay Farquharson said...

So far, if it sounds like Trump, or Trump denies it, or calls it fake leaks, or fake news,

Then it happened.

B.Poster said...


I agree. This most likely did NOT happen. A US leader suddenly standing up to Palestinian use and abuse of them after many lpng years seems to good to be true. Even if if it did happen I fail to see how it benefits us to "leak" it to Israeli TV.

On the one hand it shows how stupid DJT was to allow Mahmoud Abbas to trick him given his track record. On the other hand perhaps DJT now gets it regarding Abbas and the PA. This is in contrast to other US leaders that no matter how often and in how many ways the Palestinians abuse and use them they CANNOT figure it out and continue to allow and even encourage such abuse.

As such, the notion that any US leader would ever figure this out even one facing probable impeachment sounds to good to be true. As the old adage goes, "it probably is." As such, the conversation in question probably did not happen.

DJT electioral victory was not "probable" yet it occurred. While impeachment is "probable" it may not occur. What is all but guarnteed is impeaching a POTUS no matter how unpopular he may be based upon a kangaroo court/witch trial is guaranteed to have very bad ramifications

Jay Farquharson said...


Anonymous said...

Israel should just take the approaches of Canada (e.g. LMFAO) and the United States in dealing with their local native or early resident populations. Push them into a corner of their former territory or kill them. This was the North American approach. North Americans have not returned the best lands or full lands taken from the original residents or occupants. North Americans have not paid damages to those it enslaved. I have yet to see guilty white folks giving their stolen land back to the native populations.

What you do see are "guilt free" North American's condemning the original occupants of greater Israel for losing their land and being expelled from their homeland for fighting for their land and freedom.

The Palestinians are a created people. The Jews are the original occupants of their land. By North American standards, Israel has the right to fight and reconquer the land to restore their ancient lands. Just ask any North American what they would do if their property right were threatened. Stolen land that is.

Palestinian violence has shaped the security state of the present. There is no end to their demands or violence. Giving the Palestinian lands just leads to the next cycle of violence and terror.

If you support the modern security state you should send a big thank you to the Palestinians. If not, do not fall for their fake piety and culture of victimization.

You think their violence is awful by today's standards? Just wait until Gaza fails. You have not seen anything yet.

B.Poster said...


What you state is largely true. As such, the US, Canada, and the "west" should not be involved with this. If we aren't involved, one of three things happens. 1.) Once the "Palestinians" see they don't have unconditional assistance from America and the "west" or at the very least such support is highly conditiinal like that which Israel gets they will observe they are now on equal footing with the Israelis. When this happens, they will have incentive to negotiate in good faith. In this situation, an honorable agreement is possible. 2.) The "Palestinians" annihilate the Israelis. 3.) The Israelis annihilate the "Palestinians."

Scenario 1 is most likely. While scenario 3 would be heartbreaking and might well be worthy of intervention, once it came to that point, millions of American lives would be lost should we choose to do so. As such, any US leader would need to carefully think through our invovlement besides given the numerous unsuccessful attempts to eliminate the Jewish people throughout history it seems unlikely Palestinian thugs would succeed now.

As for the "modern security state", "palestinian murderous thugs invented what we know as modern terrorism. Such thugs have been embraced, hugged, loved, kissed, and more by US and "western" governments for decades. Part of the bitter fruits of this was 9/11 and now we won't even be able to take laptops on planes.

Had the "Palestinian thugs been crushed while young, pethaps we might not have today's security state. I suppose we will never know.

Jay Farquharson said...


That was the Israeli plan, thus the '48 Nakba.

Problem was, the Facist's Genocide against the Jews and other's, made a full genocide, or even a manageable one, impossible.

Still, they managed to push most of the Palestinians out into what remained of Palestine, and into refugee camps in the border areas of the Arab States.

Then, in the '68 they conquored the rest of Palestine and the border areas of the Arab States, effectively reabsorbing all the people they had kicked out in '48, and then some.


Aizino Smith said...

Jews were able to live well in Middle eastern countries before or after 1948?

How come in ne Muslim country Jews had to wear bells on their shoes? Nothing like raping a Jewess a day to keep the doctor away hey Jay.

All thoughts of having a peace accord ended for me when Sharon pulled out of Gaza and the Palestinians just increased the shelling. That day told me you can live with a Jew or an Israeli but not a Palestinian.

Jay Farquharson said...


Anonymous said...


Jay...The secret Jews in the Arab countries got them to work with the Russians to attack Israel multiple times. It was a fake! There were no Arab armies. It was done mirrors.

Then in 68 they conquered the whole area. The Jews faked the Arab attacks and their losses, faked the world into thinking that there was a real war going on, then snuck in at night and took over all the rest of the land.

Hey Jay...going to give back your property to the First Nation tribes?