Sunday, May 14, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 14, 2017

The Australian: North Korea missiles edge closer

North Korea may now have the capacity to launch a nuclear strike on targets “close to” Australia’s nearest northern neighbours, a US missile technology expert says.

As the rogue Kim Jong-un ­regime yesterday launched what might be a new kind of ballistic missile, US physicist David Wright revealed modelling showing the North’s rockets could have a range of 4500km. Darwin is 5800km from the latest launch site.

South Korea’s military said the missile from yesterday’s launch travelled 700km and Japanese Defence Minister Tom­omi Inada said it had a steeper trajectory than previous tests, reaching about 2km altitude before landing in the Sea of Japan.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 14, 2017

South Korean, U.S. national security chiefs speak on North Korea -- Reuters

Trump weighs further US troops for Afghanistan -- AFP

Japan favors Aegis Ashore over THAAD to bolster missile defenses: sources -- Japan Times/Reuters

China Deploys New Spy Aircraft in Disputed South China Sea -- Sputnik

What Was a US Spy Plane Searching for Along Russia's Borders on V-Day? -- Sputnik

Russia’s "Effective Army" Plans to 2025 -- Roger McDermott, RCD/Jamestown Foundation

How Russia Kept Reinventing the Red Army -- Robert Farley, National Interest

Russian chemists develop fabric resistant to chemical and biological weapons -- TASS

Russia's 'Penicillin' Anti-Artillery System Suppresses Fire in Five Seconds Flat -- Sputnik

How Russian special forces are becoming as well-equipped as their US counterparts -- Business Insider/We Are The Mighty

Russian Military to Launch Drills That Could Defeat NATO Forces in Just Two Days -- Newsweek

Eurofighter Delays Threaten German NATO Contribution: Report -- US News and World Report/Reuters

German MoD wants to deal with army bases named after Nazi soldiers amid probe into far-right forces -- RT

German army needs to remove WW2-era names: defense minister -- Reuters

UK defence secretary insists nuclear subs safe despite concerns over #WannaCry vulnerability -- RT

Multinational platoons compete in Strong Europe Tank Challenge -- US Army

In Turkey, new demands to evict US forces from Incirlik Air Base -- Military Times

Navy, Marine Corps hornet fighter pilots raise alarm over safety issues -- FOX News

Air Force Sees Unique Challenges in Deploying Stealth Fighters --

Waiting For Other Services To Get The US Army’s New Pistol? You’ve Got A While -- Task & Purpose

Global cyber attack fuels concern about U.S. vulnerability disclosures -- Reuters

Military Plans Flight Intercept Test of Ballistic Missile -- Honolulu Star-Advertiser

This U.S. Army Manual Has New Official Details About the RQ-170 Sentinel Drone -- The Drive

Marines’ Cold Weather Gear Faces Overhaul After Poor Showing in Arctic -- Kit Up!

Study looks at ongoing Army, Marine efforts to lighten body armor, troop load -- Army Times

VR headsets help military prepare for real-life threats -- Daily Herald/Bloomberg

Future of drones is small and cheap -- C4ISRNet

US Army uniform board to consider bringing back iconic 'pinks and greens' uniform -- Army Times

New leaders for Pacific commands -- Honolulu Star Advertiser

US Army Needs More Troops to Confront Global Threats -- Wesley Dearen & Brian Slattery, Daily Signal

Trumps celebrate military moms ahead of Mother's Day -- CNN

Modern wars are won by grinding, not by genius -- Cathal J Nolan, Quartz

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