Monday, May 15, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 15, 2017

Reuters: North Korea's latest missile launch suggests progress toward ICBM: experts

North Korea's successful missile test-launch signals major advances in developing an intercontinental ballistic missile, such as mastery of re-entry technology and better engine performance key to targeting the United States, experts say.

The isolated country has been developing a long-range missile capable of striking the mainland United States mounted with a nuclear warhead. That would require a flight of 8,000 km (4,800 miles) or more and technology to ensure a warhead's stable re-entry into the atmosphere.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 15, 2017

North Korea missile rose more than 2,000 kilometers in altitude: Japan defense minister -- Reuters

North Korea missile test was 'new type of ballistic rocket' -- BBC

N.Korea's latest launch suggests progress towards long-range ballistic missile, experts say -- CNBC/Reuters

North Korea Advancing Towards Nuclear Capable ICBM -- John Schilling, 38 North

North Korea presses ahead with weapons program -- Nikkei Asian Review

Japan favors Aegis Ashore over THAAD to boost missile defense: sources -- Reuters

Japan may host Tomahawk-compatible launchers to counter N. Korea missile threat – media -- RT

The Russian Stealth Submarine No Nation Wants to Fight (Especially America) -- Kyle Mizokami, National Interest

Russian Blue Water Ambitions: Betting on Multi-Purpose Frigates -- Ihor Kabanenko, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Russia is developing advanced medium class drone -- TASS

What's the Deal With China's Surface Skimming Anti-Ship Drone-Missile Hybrid? -- The Drive

China is now fighting against the US's advanced missile system with a rap battle -- Business Insider

Chinese defence adviser says Djibouti naval facility is a much-needed ‘military base’ -- South China Morning Post

Turkey refuses German parliamentarians access to Incirlik air base -- DW

Germany Still Loves Its Leopard Tanks -- Sebastien Roblin, War Is Boring

No, the Pentagon is not supplying Syrian Kurds with Abrams tanks -- Defense News

Foreign Advisers Are Turning Kurdish Soldiers Into Professionals -- Paul Iddon, War Is Boring

Raytheon Begins Modernizing the U.S. Navy's Favorite Destroyer -- Motley Fool

US Navy could stick with Nimitz for next three carriers then cut over to Gerald Ford -- Next Big Future

The US Army and Marine Corps are looking to make big changes to their infantry arsenals -- Business Insider

A-29 Super Tucano to fly in US Air Force light attack aircraft demo -- Defense News

Raytheon Wins Deal to Outfit Air Force With New Radar System -- Defense Tech

Microsoft Blasts the CIA and NSA for "Stockpiling" Software Vulnerabilities -- The Street

Wannacry Attack: Microsoft Questions Role of Intelligence Community -- Elaine Shannon, Cipher Brief

Ransomware attack 'like having a Tomahawk missile stolen', says Microsoft boss -- The Guardian

Putin: Malware created by intelligence services can backfire on its creators -- RT

Grassley Asks FBI How Translator Married Terrorist Without Bureau’s Knowledge -- Daily Caller

In Afghanistan, Trump Is Poised to Re-Escalate a Hopeless War -- Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

How America Invented Cyberwar -- Emily Parker, Foreign Affairs

Why France’s Maginot Line Wasn’t a Stupid Idea -- Michael Peck, National Interest

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