Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 2, 2017

PHOTO: North Korea said US planes had conducted "a nuclear bomb-dropping drill". (Reuters: Cedric H.Rudisill/USAF/Handout, file)

ABC News Online: North Korea says US bomber flights signal pre-emptive nuclear strike

North Korea is accusing the United States of pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war after a pair of strategic US bombers flew over the area in a training drill with the South Korean air force.

The two supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers were deployed amid rising tensions over North Korea's dogged pursuit of its nuclear and missile programs in defiance of United Nations sanctions and pressure from the United States.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 2, 2017

B-1B Bombers Fly Training Missions Near Korean Peninsula -- DoD Buzz

North Korea charges U.S. with secretly deploying supersonic bomber -- UPI

North Korea says U.S. bomber flights push peninsula to brink of nuclear war -- Reuters

N. Korea vows to develop nuclear program at full speed in reaction to Trump policy -- Yonhap News Asia

North Korea’s SLBM Program Poised to Accelerate? -- 38 North

CIA Chief in South Korea for Talks on Nuclear Threat Posed by North -- VOA

THAAD missile defense system initially capable in South Korea: sources -- Reuters

China demands THAAD deployment to South Korea be stopped immediately -- TASS

Japan helicopter carrier conducts operation to protect US ships -- Nikkei Asian Review

As North Korea tensions rise, residents near U.S. military bases in Japan face fresh fears -- AP

Trump: US troops in Korea 'not safe' from North's threat -- Washington Examiner

Philippines: Duterte welcomes Chinese navy ship visit to Davao -- Al Jazeera

Duterte: Philippines Military Could Team up With China for Naval Exercises -- Newsweek

Russian-Built AWACS-Type Aircraft to Detect New Generation Targets - Shoigu -- Sputnik

Why Russia's Tunguska Missile-and-Gun System is Second to None -- Sputnik

Russia Claims Hypersonic Missile Test -- Sergey Sukhankin. Jamestown Foundation

Putin Is Using Spy Tactics To Split NATO From The Inside -- Buzz Feed

Australian Defence Force to begin releasing Syria, Iraq airstrike targets in fortnightly reports -- ABC News Online

Eight dead in military plane crash in Colombia -- DW

Canada’s defence minister Harjit Sajjan urged to resign for inflating military record -- South China Morning Post

German defense minister blames 'weak leadership" for recent army scandals -- DW

NATO Chief Says Alliance Could Increase Troops In Afghanistan In Face Of Intensifying Insurgency -- RFE

Boeing Plots Full-Scale Assault on Lockheed Martin's F-35 -- Motley Fool

Department of Defense awards contract for 240 F-35 Lightning II planes -- UPI

Lockheed Martin receives contract for Apache helicopter upgrades -- UPI

US Air Force to conduct another missile test as North Korea tensions rise, officials say -- FOX News

Army Special Ops' Little Bird helo here to stay until future vertical lift -- Defense News

The Marines Corps' Next Combat Boot May Specialize in Jungle Warfare -- Military.com

US military sexual assaults down, reporting of incidents up, survey finds -- ABC News

There were 14,900 sex assaults in the US military last year, new Pentagon data show -- Military Times

Report: Troops complained about nude photo sharing last year -- AP

Military academy athletes must serve before going pro -- CNN

Air Force Releases Causes Of Recent B-52 And U-2 Crashes
-- The Drive

Far too dangerous: Why Russians weren't invited to hack the U.S. Air Force -- Nikolai Shevchenko, RBTH

“It's Like Fighting Mr. Invisible”: How I Went to War Against Stealth F-22 Raptors and F-35s (And Lost Badly) -- Dave Majumdar, National Interest


James said...

I hear Pompeo is in Seoul. A lot of interesting people have been going there as of late. I notice that Pyongyang's PA language has subtly shifted from "we will make a sea of fire" to we are victims of aggression.

fazman said...

Wnu, this is on aussie feeds today, do your russian sources concur?


War News Updates Editor said...

I have been hearing reports of this in the past few days. There has even been a comment or two on this on WNU's comment thread. But my sources do not know, and no one in authority has commented on it.

Anonymous said...

How convenient... everyone expects the US to have manipulated this launch, right? But it flies to Russia... so what do you think now?
1) just a mistake...happens
2) was hacked... USA did it and is crazy enough to send one over to Russia "Hi, Putin..we cool? "
3) China did it
4) Russia did it
5) north Korea did it to make it look as if US hacked and send one over to Russia