Monday, May 29, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 29, 2017

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New York Times: North Korean Tests Add Urgency for U.S. to Fix Defense Flaws

WASHINGTON — As the Pentagon prepares to conduct its first test in three years of the multibillion-dollar effort to intercept a North Korean warhead, it hopes to demonstrate that it has fixed a system that has worked in fewer than half of its previous nine tests.

But just as the Defense Department seeks to prove that it can strike a speeding target launched over the Pacific — in this case, an interceptor rocket is set to lift off from the California coast on Tuesday to try to smash a mock warhead — the North Koreans have delivered a new challenge.

The North has recently test-fired a series of missiles based on a technology that would give the United States little warning of an attack. The new generation of missiles uses solid fuels, enabling them to be rolled out from mountain hideaways and launched in minutes. That makes the job of intercepting them — already daunting — far harder, given that the American antimissile system works be

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 29, 2017

US to test ballistic missile defences amid rising threat from North Korea -- International Business Times

North Korea fires 'Scud-type missile' into Japanese waters hours after testing a new type of anti-aircraft weapon system as the US sends a third warship to the region -- Daily Mail

North Korean missile testing: 5 key questions -- Channel News Asia/CNA/sk

Russia Protests S Korea's, Japan's Integration Into US Global Missile Defense -- Sputnik

Russian rocket artillery to be rearmed with upgraded launchers by 2020 -- TASS

Russia is Bringing Back Its World War II 'Shock Armies' -- Michael Peck, National Interest

China's Military Is Becoming More Powerful by the Day (But Suffers from One Big Problem) -- Elsa Kania, National Interest

Japan's growing concern over China's naval might -- BBC

North Korea leader Kim guides test of new anti-aircraft weapon -- Reuters

MI5 launches internal review over Manchester bombing -- DW

Baltic states push US on Patriot missile defense deployment -- Defense News

Australia to send additional 30 military troops to Afghanistan, Defence Minister Marise Payne says -- ABC News Online

Marines in Afghanistan Return to Sangin, Site of Bloodiest Fights --

US plans to improve military readiness in Asia-Pacific -- The Straits Times

Fear of DoD struggles grow, amid vacancy levels not seen for 50 years -- Defense News

Is Boeing's New Missile Too Good for the US Navy? -- Motley Fool

USS Ford Completes "Acceptance Trials" -- AP

America's Aircraft Carriers Might Be Obsolete (And the F-35 Will Only Make the Problem Worse) -- Dave Majumdar, National Interest

Navy Orders 3rd Carrier to Join USS Carl Vinson Off Korea -- Times of San Diego

Super Hornets see boost in new US budget request -- Flight Global

Military leaders make case for $13.9B nuclear weapons budget -- UPI

US lawmakers seek to reverse Trump’s $110bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia -- RT

The U.S. Army Wants to Expand a Secretive Missile Defense Site in Turkey -- The Drive

Warthog Attack Plane Finds New Life in Trump Administration -- AP

We Now Have Clear Proof Why the F-22 Raptor Would Dominate over Russia (or Anyone) -- Dave Majumdar, National Interest

Army Admits M4 Round is Under-Powered; Plans for a 7.62mm Alternative -- KitUp!

Interested in joining the Army's newest brigade? Here's what you can expect -- Army Times

Sen. Grassley releases report on Wounded Warrior Project spending -- CBS

US Navy SEAL dies during skydiving show over Hudson River -- DW

Serial rapist on military death row loses bid to avoid execution -- Military Times

Army Fraud Crackdown Uses Broad Net to Catch Small Fish, Some Unfairly -- NYT

Mattis: Trump is 'wide open' on Paris climate deal -- Politico

Mattis 'Humbled' by Selfless, Diverse U.S. Military Force -- US Department of Defense

Why Mattis rocks: He fights people, not weather -- Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times

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