Friday, May 5, 2017

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 5, 2017

Paul Szoldra/Business Insider

Business Insider: This battle between US Marines and ISIS has largely been kept secret — until now

CAMP PENDLETON, California — Maj. David Palka had seen combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, but roughly 90% of the Marines under his command, tasked with setting up a remote fire base in northern Iraq in 2016, had only heard the stories.

Their trial by fire in March 2016 came just hours after they landed on Army CH-47 helicopters under cover of darkness in Makhmur, Iraq. Getting off the helicopters at around 2 a.m., the Marines were in what was essentially open farmland with a large protective berm of dirt around their small perimeter.

"By 0900, we received the first rocket attack," Palka told Business Insider.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- May 5, 2017

US Army artillery support used heavily during advance on Mosul -- Jane's 360

How a Secretive Special Operations Task Force Is Taking the Fight to ISIS -- The Drive

Navy Pilot's Gutsy Last-Second Call Saves Civilian Lives Near Mosul --

Iraq, US in Talks to Keep American Troop Presence after ISIS --

Iraq denies deal with the US on keeping troops after ISIS -- RUDAW

Iraq PM: No US combat troops to stay in Iraq after IS -- FOX News/AP

RUSSIA: Syria 'de-escalation zones' ban US and coalition planes -- AP

U.S. sale of missiles to Saudi Arabia advancing -foreign minister -- Reuters

Meant for Each Other: Why Russian Ka-52 Are Top Choice for Egypt's Mistral Ships -- Sputnik

China's Navy Takes a Bow -- Stratfor

China’s military tech is becoming less of a joke and more of a threat -- Quartz

Russian troops to receive advanced satellite communications vehicles -- TASS

Russia's New Tsirkon Cruise Missile -- Eurasia Daily Monitor

Is NATO-Russia militarisation spilling over into the Arctic? -- TRT World

Russia Is a Threat To NATO's World Order In the West, Top US Army General Says -- Newsweek

Denmark Proud to Lead NATO Atlantic Fleet Against 'Russian Aggression' -- Sputnik

French presidential candidate pushes for stronger intel links with US -- Defense News

Nato warns climate change is 'global security threat' as Donald Trump mulls Paris Agreement -- The Independent

Report: U.S. curtailing South China Sea operations -- UPI

Pentagon considers sending more troops to Afghanistan as it prepares options for President Trump -- CNN

Ingalls launches America-class amphibious assault warship 13 weeks ahead of schedule -- Navy Times

F-22 Raptors complete aerial targeting tests as part of major upgrade -- UPI

The USAF Finally Gives Its AC-130W Gunship The Big Gun It Desperately Needs -- The Drive

A new Compass Call: The Air Force is replacing its Vietnam-era electronic warfare planes -- Air Force Times

Carrier drone system undergoing testing -- UPI

SOCOM head: We can't do everything -- Military Times

Military perplexed after Trump says soldiers couldn't get religious items -- CNN

The Pentagon just pulled the top secret clearance of a Trump White House aide -- Washington Free Beacon

Espionage Trial for Taiwan-Born Navy Officer Set to Begin --

While pleading guilty to disclosing classified information, naval officer says arrogance and recklessness derailed his career -- Virginia Pilot

Milley: In future wars, creature comforts are out and disobeying orders is in -- Army Times

The Military Debate We Need -- Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg

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