Friday, May 26, 2017

Montenegro's Prime Minister Marković Does Not Understand What The Fuss Is All About When President Trump 'Shoved' Him

The Week: Montenegro leader shrugs off shove from Trump, calling it 'natural' that U.S. presidents 'be in the first row'

Some observers found it rude when President Trump casually pushed Montenegro's prime minister, Duško Marković, out of the way so he could get to the front row for a NATO photo-op on Thursday, but Marković calls the encounter "an inoffensive situation." Journalists are "differently commenting" on the scene, he added, but "I want to tell you that it is natural for the president of the United States to be in the first row."

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WNU Editor: I was waiting for this response from the Montenegor Prime Minister .... and I expected this response from him. As I had mentioned in the comment thread on this story yesterday (link here) .... anyone who has had any experience with international conferences/summits/meetings/etc. knows that this type of behaviour is always done by everyone who is there. It is part of the culture .... I have also been a part of it .... and it is not personal. That is why I had fun reading the commentary and news reports on this story yesterday .... people were commenting and passing judgement on something that they have no idea on the why and how it is done. Now here is an easy prediction .... Montenegro's Prime Minister Marković has set the record straight .... but no one in the media who expressed outraged yesterday are going to post this story.


Bob Huntley said...

Reality is one thing but perception is another.

It may fit the routine but appearance is everything and given Trump's aura in the US it does not look nice. Of course there will be followers of Trump who love him and think he did well to show that sob who's who.

B.Poster said...


So if he doesn't do what fits the routine then he gets blasted for violating the routine. He goes along with the routine and he gets blasted. Clearly he'll never be accepted by the media.

I've faced insane opposition in my life, however, never on this scale and never with this much at stake. When faced with insane opposition, the best things to do are to stay on task and to honor committments to your core supporters sticking as close to them ss you can. As such, with a few tweaks DJT should probably continue doing what he's doing. Examples of tweaks he probably needs to make are to adjust how and when he uses Twitter and to be more respectful to his base.

Examples of things he needs to try and continue are diplomatic efforts with Russia and China. In the case of Russia especially, it's unfortunate that some have chosen to undermine this effort for what appear to be strictly partisain political purposes. Bottom line: the current POTUS will never make the media happy.

Bob Huntley said...

Given the closeness of the vote, yes, he will tend to get praise or disdain on about a 50% split from Americans no matter what he does. As for making the media happy. I imagine they are so happy with Trump that they are through the roof with all that happiness, no matter what their positions on humanity or politics may be. They are enjoying having their mill supplied with material without even having to try.

Presidents of the USA tend to be very popular until they aren't. In Trump's case he enjoys the attention and like my cat that tries to trip me up in a darkened hall at night seems to think, he also believes negative attention is better than no attention.

I think Trump's presidency will come to an abrupt end when he has a seizure or a massive heart attack. If the latter, you can be sure it will be the most massive heart attack ever suffered by a human being.