Tuesday, May 9, 2017

My Take On President Trump Firing FBI Director James Comey

WNU Editor: Cannot say that I am surprised .... I have been predicting his departure for a long time .... even commenting this morning  on why does he still have a job (link here).

My other times when I said that the FBI Director should go (and here are just a few of them) ....

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And my reasons for why I believed at the time that he should be gone were simple .... from my vantage point he was simply not doing his job. Yes ... he meddled in the election by harming Hillary Clinton 10 days before the vote. And yes ....  his unwillingness to investigate who is responsible the leaks is another one. But upon reflection ..... I think the final nail in the coffin for FBI Director James Comey on having any future in a Trump administration was his disagreement on President Trump's claim that he was under surveillance by the Obama administration .... FBI Director Comey Wants The Justice Depart To Reject President Trump's Wiretapping Claims (March 5, 2017). After this  .... their relationship was never the same.

As to what is going to happen next  .... the media and the pundit class and all the anti-Trumpers are going to be in a state of utter frenzy for the next few days. The Democrats will amplify it, and the Republican leadership will be cowed to say the same thing. I expect to hear comparisons to Watergate, police state, references to fascism/Hitler. etc .... followed by calls for an independent commission, hearings, etc.. And when that has run its course .... President Trump will forward his nominee, and the outrage will return once again. The next FBI Director is going to face a confirmation hearing that is going to be brutal .... there is no doubt about that .... but .... I am willing to bet that the next nominee will make everyone happy .... and that he (or she) will be easily confirmed.

In closing .... there is one group that I am willing to bet are celebrating big-time tonight with the departure of FBI Director Comey. And that group are the agents who make up the FBI. It is no secret that many in the FBI were never happy with how the Director ran the agency, and even more so on how he handle the Hillary Clinton email server case last summer. But my advice to them is that they should not celebrate too much .... President Trump may appoint someone who may be even worse.

Update: Tucker Carlson is right (see video below) ....


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Anonymous said...

WNU, how many FBI agents do you know?

War News Updates Editor said...

Anon. I have posted more than enough news stories over the past year in this blog on what many former FBI agents felt about the Director.

TWN said...

The head of a national police force needs to be independent enough to keep an eye on the political and bureaucrat leadership, without being political this is a hard thing to do.For as long as I remember the FBI and the RCMP here just sit on their hands obeying the political hacks we call leaders, while the corruption runs our Govt's. Was Comey was a little too independent for the powers that be and therefor had to go?

Anonymous said...

I am appalled. How could Trump bow to the wishers of Hillary Clinton like that?

Jay Farquharson said...



Roger Stone told him to, after all, it worked so well for Nixon in shutting down Watergate.