Sunday, May 21, 2017

NATO Chief Is Denying Media Reports That He Said President Trump “Has A 12-Second Attention Span”

The Hill: NATO denies chief said Trump ‘has a 12-second attention span’

NATO on Saturday pushed back on a report claiming the group’s secretary general said President Trump “has a 12-second attention span” following a meeting in April."

Politico Magazine reported Friday that a former senior official claimed Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg criticized Trump's attention bandwidth.

“The president of the United States has a 12-second attention span,” Stoltenberg reportedly said, Politico reported.

The senior official, according to the report, added that the president appeared unprepared for his meeting with the Norwegian Stoltenberg. He reportedly brought up recent events surrounding North Korea, which does not involve NATO.

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WNU Editor: Another anonymous source .... and a story that has been repeated numerous times in the main stream media even with the NATO chief's denial. Am I the only one who is seeing a pattern here? The Politico story that made this claim is here .... ‘People Here Think Trump Is a Laughingstock’ (Susan B. Glasser, Politico). Even Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov .... of all people .... is noticing that there is something wrong .... Lavrov: Lying US Media Would Feel Right at Home in the Soviet Union (Russian Insider). More here .... Sergey Lavrov Says US Media Reminds Him of Soviet Union's "Pravda" (Zero Hedge).

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ejmohr said...

I thought Trump was a dark horse candidate - controversial and likely having no chance of winning. Then I read he was drawing large crowds in small American cities - sold out arenas. Then I starting paying attention and thinking this guy has something and people are listening. Then he won. So I thought he would get the benefit of the doubt and everyone would give him a chance.

I was wrong. A biizarre meda frenzy has erupted over unnamed anonymous sources. At one time news media would want to vet anonymous sources, but not anymore. This is like Stalin's show trials - rumours and innuendo are top news, and they can't be questioned. This really is a witch hunt. I'll take Lavrovs word over CNN or CBC any day. Comey seems like a much better political animal than J. Edgar Hoover or L. Beria - he's in this for himself.