Friday, May 19, 2017

New Video Emerges Showing Turkish President Erdogan Observing Clashes in DC

CNN: New footage shows Erdogan watching Washington brawl

(CNN)New video footage has emerged that shows Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan looking on as Turkish security officials beat up protesters outside the country's embassy in Washington earlier this week.

Erdogan, who met with US President Donald Trump at the White House just hours before the fighting broke out on Tuesday, briefly witnessed the brawl in which nine people were left requiring hospital treatment.

A video shows the Turkish President standing near his car as the fighting ensued, before turning his back and walking into the embassy.

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WNU Editor: What's my take. He goes to see President Trump .... and he does not get what he wants (a stop in U.S. military support for the Kurdish Syrian military force YPG ). He goes to the residence of the Turkish ambassador, talks to the security guard for a few moments, the security communicates to the guards watching the demonstration, a few seconds later the protesters are attacked and Erdogan steps out of his car to watch the fighting. I could be wrong .... but when you looked at what happened, the context, and the timetable .... you can tell that Erdogan was furious that his meeting produced nothing, and he unloaded on the Kurdish demonstrators.

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Caecus said...


B.Poster said...

"Thugs". Quite right and it would seem very dumb ones at that. EVERYTHING especially that which is in public is under survellience in America now. There will be blow back from this to Turkey. Then again maybe they wanted this to be done in public to show how big and tough they are. Of course if/when the US confronts them on this in any serious way these thugs will start targeting Americans and Americans will be killed. As such, the American government is in a very difficult position.

Daniel said...

Which is why I don't think Americans will confront them in any serious way and therefore they are not such dumb thugs after all.

Jay Farquharson said...

"and he unloaded on the Kurdish demonstrators."

They wern't Kurds, they were American citizens.

War News Updates Editor said...


B.Poster said...


Very respectfully "dumb thugs" is an accurate description and yes I agree with you the American government is not going to confront them in any serious way. Someone else will. By now these videos have been seen over and over and over and over again by pretty much everyone. Justice against the personnel who carried this out will be delivered. It's called "blowback."

If America were to confront these people such as making them "person non grata", expelling them from the US, and barring their reentry then these people will really start targeting Americans killing a few of them who are completely innocent perhaps even killing dozens of them. Nobody around the world cares about Americans anyway. If this happens, POTUS will take the heat for the innocent dead Americans.

If America chooses not to confront them in any serious way, then Americans may be allowed to live in relative peace by the Turks but the critics in the gallery will whine about POTUS should have done something. Besides it has not been unusual for American leaders to do nothing while "allies" do bad things as long as they cooperate with us and don't hurt us to badly. As such, this is the choice likely to be made. Someone obviously forgot to tell the Turks everything in America is under survelience 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Finally, the US needs Turkish cooperation more than Turkey needs to cooperate with the US on anything. So, again nothing much America really can or will do. This is really a fight between the Turks and the Kurds. They are the ones who need to settle it. We shouldn't be involved nor can we contribute anything towards solving this.

B.Poster said...

So they were American citizens? If so, they had to have known there was nothing the American government could have done to protect them at least without endangering even more American lives and jeopardizing much needed cooperation from the Turkish government.

So far the actions of the thugs seems limited to the protestors. To try and confront the Turks in any meaningful way on this will mean the Turks will carry out attacks on Americans not involved in the protests. While the situation is heart braking, careful sober thought needs to go into how we are going to respond to this.

Jay Farquharson said...

Your yellow belly's showing.

When Ergodan's goons assaulted American protestors during Obama's last term, they were arrested, declared personna non grata, kicked out of the US, never to be allowed to return, and the US took diplomatic action against the Turkish Embassy and Ambassador.

Who knew that Trump's MAGA program would turn the US into a nation of pussies and special snowflakes.

B.Poster said...


What are you talking about? I wonder how many Americans they killed as a result of that who had nothing to do with that which are not known. Also, I don't recall videos of this being posted far and wide either. This will likely made things easier to handle quietly lessening the prospect of a violent Turkish response.

These "protestors" probably thought they would receive honor and glory and the way those who "protest" in the US do even whenever they destroy the property of others who had nothing to do with it. The Turks had other ideas. These "protestors" had to understand what they were getting into.

Perhaps the US should do what you suggest and perhaps the government will. Know this though, the end result will be more Americans dead who had nothing to do with this. By pointing this out does not make me a "pussy" or a "snowflake." It makes me a prudent person who looks out for the wellbeing and the interests of innocent Americans.

In fact, I consider myself quite brave. My greatest dream was to have served in the US military but my eyesight is poor.

For what its worth, perhaps I should have clarified my position. If I'm POTUS, I would very likely do exactly what you suggest. I would know the end result of that decision will likely mean a few dozen Americans, at minimum in the US who were not involved in the protests and have no idea what a Turk or Kurd is. As POTUS, I've got to live with that. Also, such a response may lead to a lack of cooperation with Turkey in areas we need endangering still more Americans, something POTUS would have to live with as well. In spite of this, the decision you suggest is the one I would have made.

For whatever reason you seem to enjoy insulting people you do not know who have always tried to be courteous to you. Please try to read what is typed first and make an effort to understand the other person before resorting to what seem to be playground type insults.

Chase jones said...

Your from canada lol get a life and stop crying tump you sad pathetic libtard

Chase jones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jay Farquharson said...

Yup Turkey killed 365 million Americans after Obama kicked Ergodan's butt over the protestor attacks and the FAKE MEDIA covered it all up,


After the Obama Administration kicked Turkish ass, the Turkish Government apologized and started a settlement process so the protestor's wouldn't sue.

Jay Farquharson said...

Awwwwww, special little snowflake got his fee fees hurt by a mean Canadian on the web,

Maybe you should stick to those "safe spaces" with like minded people where your extra special fee fee's won't get hurt, like Stormfront or 4Chan or Infowars.

B.Poster said...


The actual number of Americans the Turks would kill in response to your suggestion would probably be somewhere between a dozen to fifty and all of them would be wonen, children, and families. These would be people who had nothing to do with the protests. It would likely be done outside the direct eye of the media but nevertheless it would be known who did it and why. The mental pictures of these innocents who would be murdered brings great anguish. Any POTUS today no doubt be aware of this. Do nothing, tnose people get to live at least for now.

Should Turkey decide to stop cooperating with us in military and intelligence matters the consequences for American and the risk to American lives becomes even greater. Do nothing. That is likely not at risk for now. POTUS and US leaders have to carefully all of these things.

Operative words "for now." The trouble with thug governments like Turkey and bullies in general is the more they are given the more they want later. As such, I'd likely do ehat you suggest fulling realizing the consequenses and risks. These things have to be weighed VERY carefully.

Now had Obama "kicked Turkey's ass" as you suggested, there'd have been far reaching consequences all Americans would be aware of. This didn't happen. As such, we .can essentially assume that Turkish "ass" was not kicked per say. First of all this eould be easier to handle if there was not video.

Here's what probably bappened. 1.)Turkish personnel get kicked out person non grata as you put it. BHO gets a "win." 2.) Turkish personnel go home, get gteeted as heroes for standing up to America, and get well paid. Erdogan and Turkey get a "win." As for the resettlement, few really want to resettle and even if they did the whole thing quitely dies away when no one is lookkng. Another "win" for Erdogan but it looked good for Obama a "win" if you will. End result: situation defused and much of it was likely done behind closed doors through diplomacy, much easier when video of the incident is not distibuted around the world.

Very respectfully its easy for a Canadian to be brave. You nor Canadians are on the chopping block. You nor Canadians will bear the brunt of any reprisals. This will be bourn by Americas. Addituobally you have a nuclear armed major world power to your south (assuning the arsenal actually works) who adores you and will sacrifice their very existence for you. Americans generally envy Canadians.

B.Poster said...


I just saw your last post. I think it was dirdcted at me. 4Chan, Infowars, and stormfront are sites that very few Americans would support. Most recognize them as rascists and 99.99% of Americans are appalled by such things.

B.Poster said...

What I would do with regards to Turkey is work to cut ties with them. I recognized the untrustworthiness of them in 2003 and would have begun moving in that direction then.

Jay Farquharson said...

Turkish security attacked American Armenian Genocide protestors outside the Turkish Embassy in June 2015.

Obama had them kicked out, banned for life, made the Turkish Ambassador apologize, and the Turk's wisely decided to pay the protestors in settlements to avoid the ongoing Bad PR and other consequences.

In the Aftermath, no Americans have been killed because Obama went after the Turks.

Meanwhile, Trump's too busy giving Ergodan a blowjob to do anything.


Jay Farquharson said...

There's this feature on Blogger, called "reply",

It sticks your post immediately underneath the post one is replying to,

So the "special snowflake" response was directed at Chase's special hurt fee fee's.

B.Poster said...


It's highly likely no Americans were killed becsuse some type of compensation was given by the Americans to the Turks. This was probably used to help pay the compensation to the protesters. Everyone got to save some face.

I'm aware of the reply feature. My eye sight is challenged and on the device I mostly use the feature is unavailable.

Jay Farquharson said...