Saturday, May 13, 2017

No U.S. Troops To Aid France In Africa But Current Support Will Continue

A United States Special Forces trainer instructed a group of soldiers from Chad as they conducted a mock raid in March. Credit Bryan Denton for The New York Times

New York Times: U.S. Military Offers Support, but Not Troops, to Aid France in Africa

NDJAMENA, Chad — In an unusual joint counterterrorism operation recently, troops from Mali, Mauritania and France seized a large cache of weapons and ammunition from a suspected Qaeda camp in a forested area along the border of the two African countries.

The raid provided a glimpse of an expanding and often violent multifront campaign that France has joined here in the Sahel, a vast area on the southern flank of the Sahara that stretches from Senegal to Sudan. Over the past several years, French troops have battled Al Qaeda’s North Africa affiliate and other Islamist extremists in Mali and have helped African troops thwart Boko Haram, a violent militancy that has spilled from Nigeria to attack Chad, Niger and Cameroon. The Islamic State is also a looming threat.

In the latest sign of an emerging regional collaboration, five countries within the Sahel — Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad — announced recently that they would create three border areas for military patrols and operations. French troops are advising and assisting these units.

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WNU Editor: From what I am reading I am getting the impression that the French are being strained with their overseas deployments. They should ask their European allies for help in Africa .... but I suspect the French already know what the answer will be, hence the request for more support from Washington. As for the U.S. they already have a lot on their plate, especially if this new deployment occurs .... Pentagon Open To Sending More US Troops To Somalia, Mattis Says (Task & Purpose).


Caecus said...

Says a lot about the French military, and of those of other European countries which are even worse

B.Poster said...

The United States military is "strained" itself. At this point, the Us military would be hard pressed to defend the American mainland should it come under attack much less carry out of the ridiculous missions that don't serve American interests that it is being tasked with. As such, there's no conceivable way for the US to help France right now.