Tuesday, May 30, 2017

North Korea Boasts Of Advancements In Its Missile Program

Wall Street Journal: North Korea Claims Breakthrough in Missile Technology

Latest launch marks third apparent missile milestone for Pyongyang in less then three weeks; move threatens new South Korean president’s policy

SEOUL—North Korea’s latest missile launch is its third apparent breakthrough in missile technology in less than three weeks.

Pyongyang claimed Tuesday that the short-range ballistic missile fired Monday had a speeded-up launch process and a precision-control guidance system that can zero in within 23 feet of a target.

If true, the North’s new capability would mark the third major milestone that North Korea has claimed in less than three weeks. Tuesday’s claim follows the launch of what analysts believe is North Korea’s longest-range functioning missile and the test-firing last week of a solid-fueled missile that requires virtually no preparation time before launch.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended Monday’s test-launch, the state-run North Korean Central News Agency said Tuesday. It said the missile was fired from the back of a “newly designed” launch vehicle.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. hopes to counter these North Korean missile advancements .... Pentagon to test new anti-missile system in wake of North Korea threat (CNN).

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