Sunday, May 14, 2017

North Korea's Latest Missile Test -- News Roundup

The Guardian: North Korea test-fires what could be new kind of longer-range missile

Unidentified missile type could have a maximum theoretical range of 4,500km on a standard trajectory, says expert

North Korea has fired what Japan said could be a new type of missile, in an early diplomatic test for South Korea’s new president, Moon Jae-in.

Japan did not specify what type of missile was involved in Sunday’s launch, which came after Pyongyang indicated it was open to talks with the South on its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programmes.

Moon called the launch a “reckless provocation” after holding an emergency meeting with his national security advisers, adding that it was a “clear violation” of UN security council resolutions banning North Korean missile tests.

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WNU Editor: Talk about sending a message .... the North Koreans did this more to give a finger to the Chinese who are now in the middle of their China's One Belt, One Road summit .... North Korea blights China's One Belt, One Road party with missile launch (CNN).

North Korea's Latest Missile Test -- News Roundup

North Korea fires missile that lands in sea near Russia -- Reuters
N. Korea test-fires ballistic missile -- France 24
North Korea launches a ballistic missile that flies about 435 miles -- Washington Post
North Korea fires unidentified projectile, says South -- Al Jazeera
North Korean missile reached altitude of over 2,000 km — Japanese minister -- TASS
North Korea fires possible new type of ballistic missile into Sea of Japan -- ABC News Online
North Korea Launches Unidentified Projectile - South Korea -- Sputnik
Russian missile warning systems tracked North Korea’s missile launch -- TASS
North Korean rocket flew away from Russia, was no threat – Russian Defense Ministry -- RT
Kremlin spokesman says Putin concerned about North Korea missile test -- Reuters
Trump calls for tougher sanctions on North Korea -- Al Jazeera
France says North Korea serious threat to security, must abide by obligations -- Reuters
World leaders condemn North Korea missile test -- DW
Japan's Abe: Japan had phone calls with South Korea, U.S. on North Korea -- Reuters
China calls for restraint after North Korea missile launch -- Reuters
North Korea missile test 'due to Kim Jong-un paranoia' -- BBC
North Korea missile launch due to 'state of paranoia': U.N. envoy Haley -- Reuters
North Korea Missile Test ‘Not Way to Sit Down’ With Trump: Nikki Haley -- NBC
Launching missiles is not the path to talks with the U.S., Haley tells North Korea -- Washington Post
US Lawmakers move to step up defenses against North Korea -- The Hill
North Korea test raises fears of new type of missile -- Financial Times
North Korea Just Had Its Most Successful Missile Launch Yet -- Gizmodo
North Korea tests missile, raises new fears in Pacific -- CNN
In testing missile, N. Korea challenges South’s new leader -- AP


RussInSoCal said...

Reports are that it splashed down 60 miles from Vladivostok. Russia can't be too pleased either.

Jay Farquharson said...

Tip for you, WNU Editor:

Matthew Dupuis said...

So...If the International Space Station orbits the Earth at a max altitude of 255 miles, how is a missile that reaches an altitude of 1200 miles NOT an ICBM? Did the DPRK just test a re-entry vehicle?

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you fort he tip Jay. I will be using it later.

RussInSoCal said...

MD - This was probably a range test. On the map it traveled only 400 miles. But they shot it basically straight up - to an altitude of 1200 miles - to test the capability of it to reach a long range target. At a normal trajectory, this missile has the range to be the Guam killer.

Matthew Dupuis said...

RSC - If it was at an altitude high enough to put it into Low Earth Orbit, then it was at an altitude high enough to drop it anywhere on the planet. And it went almost 5 times HIGHER than the orbit of the International Space Station - That is NOT a range test. That missile went high enough to deposit a satellite and could have, in theory, dropped its payload anywhere.

Unknown said...

Not sure what the usa is waiting for.drop the bomb already

fazman said...

Sanctions sanctions blah blah, then the genie will be out of the bottle

Jay Farquharson said...


Large Countries, ( physically) test Ballistic and SLBM's by firing them from Point A, to Point B, on a modified or ballistic trajectory.

Small Countries, ( physically), who don't have mutual project agreements with another country, test missiles on a lofted trajectory, ( as verticle as possible), so as not to bother the neighbors with debris raining down or having the tech land in a Frenemies area.

The higher a missile goes, the less gravitational force and atmospheric drag it has to overcome, so, calculating the range of the current test is no where near as simple as simply lofting a 2000km ballistic trajectory.

Depending on the ballistic trajectory used, the missiles practical ballistic range could be as much as 41% shorter than the lofted range.

Firing a warhead into LEO, and then having it orbit the earth to strike anywhere, ain't than easy, or practical. That's why Russian ICBM's have a max range of 11,000 km, the USA, 13,000 km, while the earth's circumfrence is 40,075 km.