Tuesday, May 9, 2017

On The Front Lines With The Iraqi Army As They Wage War Against The Islamic State

Iraqi soldiers waiting to deploy to the front lines take selfies and tell stories, anxious to get back into the action after weeks of waiting, in Mosul, Iraq, May 4, 2017. (H. Murdock/VOA)

Heather Murdock, VOA: Front Line: Inside Iraqi Soldiers’ Anti-IS War

MOSUL, IRAQ — The walkie-talkie in the commander’s hand buzzes and crackles as soldiers line up their humvees and tanks, readying themselves to enter Islamic State territory.

“Tell all the men to put on helmets,” are the orders over the walkie-talkie. “I don’t want to see anyone without a helmet!”

A few minutes later, many of the soldiers still don’t have helmets, including the commander with the walkie-talkie, who wears a camouflage cap.

Five full Iraqi divisions are fighting in the latest offensive to re-take IS-controlled northwestern Mosul, including the Army, Federal Police and Special Forces known as the Golden Division and the Emergency Response Division.

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WNU Editor: Dull moments .... followed by sheer terror. Yup .... that's life on the front lines.

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Aizino Smith said...

It's obvious, but these Iraqis are much different than the ones that gave up in droves in 1991.