Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Poll: 81% Of Hillary Voters Support Impeaching President Trump

The Hill: Poll: 48 percent want Trump impeached

More Americans want President Trump impeached than don't, according to a new survey by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling released Tuesday.

Forty-eight percent of respondents said they would support Trump's impeachment, while 41 percent would oppose such charges.

Trump is facing a slew of controversies, including his firing last week of FBI Director James Comey and reports that he divulged highly classified intelligence to Russian officials.

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Update: 48% Of Americans Want To Impeach Trump (Zero Hedge).

WNU Editor: Public Policy Polling is a Democrat firm .... and they did over sample Democrats by 9%. But only 48% support for impeachment .... even with oversampling and 24/7 negative media coverage of President Trump .... if I was the Democrat who commissioned this poll I would be disappointed.


Jay Farquharson said...

Wow, WNU Editor,

You are really putting yourself in the bag for Trump.


Thorsten Ayen said...

Jay you snowflake. Don't take shots at wnu editor, he's just stating what statistics are saying.

Chase jones said...

Typical left cuck go die your hair pink and run around with the rest of your loser ass buddys

War News Updates Editor said...

No Jay I am not.
I love pointing out the numbers, always pointing out media bias and double standards, and definitely being a contrarian when everyone else is stampeding in the same direction.
And while WNU is not really a blog on U.S. politics .... I cannot resist because it has become a target rich environment for someone like me who loves to go against group think. And wow .... the U.S. media (like the media in Canada) has become one big echo chamber.
Speaking of numbers .... when I post on U.S. politics, traffic for this blog triples.

fred lapides said...

If anything changes, it will be obstruction of justice rather than impeachment.

fred lapides said...

c. jones: your comment is middle school venom

Anonymous said...

lol, fred. your comments have been trending towards 'middle school venom' lately also

Chase jones said...

Lol he just sounds like all the other losers if you were a success at all you would hate the Democrat welfare state but you are one of obamas kids probly lol alwasy broke looking for the next gov. Hand out at our expense