Wednesday, May 17, 2017

President Trump Would Only Have 10 Minutes To Decide What To Do If North Korea Fires A Missile At The U.S. Mainland

This graphic shows how long a missile would take to reach potential North Korean targets if it was launched by Kim Jong-Un's defense ministry in Pyongyang

Daily Mail: Trump would have just 10 minutes to decide what to do if North Korea fired a nuclear missile at the US mainland

* North Korea could hit the West Coast of the US within half an hour, scientists say
* A deadly missile could also reach Washington, DC in as little as 30 to 39 minutes
* Kim Jong-Un's arsenal not able to travel the 5,500 miles needed to reach US yet
* With weapons developing faster than anticipated, experts analysed possibilities

Donald Trump would have just 10 minutes to decide what to do North Korea fired a missile at the US mainland, according to experts.

Although Kim Jong-Un's arsenal is some way off being able to travel the 5,500 miles needed to reach the US, yesterday it was revealed the nation's nuclear programme is developing much faster than previously anticipated.

A test launch on Sunday would have reached 2,500 miles if fired at a standard trajectory, prompting leading scientists David Wright and Markus Schiller to analyse what would happen should North Korea strike.

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WNU Editor: Fortunately .... a country like North Korea is still far far far far away from having such a capability .... so far.


B.Poster said...


We think they are far, far away. Remember the US has typically underestimated its adversaries while overestimating its own abilities. Furthermore US Intelligence has a long track record of incompetence.

As such, the truth is we have no idea, however, it is likely that North Korean capabilities are greater than assumed while American capabilities are likely much less.

POTUS or any other US leader would be unwise to assume North Korea is far, far away from being able to hit America with a missile. To do so would be extremely reckless.

Furthermore another country, Russia, is capable of hitting America with thousands of nuclear missiles. While there may well be a time and a place for a conflict with them, extreme prudence should be exercised.

AZuLike said...

Okay I got a question for ya B.Poster how many nukes can they throw and how many can we swat? Wait can the missles get here in ten mins or is that the reaction to attack?

B.Poster said...


How many nukes can they throw and how many can we swat? In the case of North Korea, I think the number is probably 10 to 20. How many can we swat? Zero unless we get extremely lucky then we might be able to swat one.

In the case of Russia, they could probably send about 1,500 and how many can we swat? The answer to that is zero. Anything we have in terms of missile defense or will have in the foreseeable future would be a bit like using a warrior on horseback to charge a tank.

In the case of North Korea, we probably have 10 minutes to initiate a response. By the time the missiles hit it would probably be about 30 minutes.

In the case of Russia, response is probably 10 minutes maybe less. Missiles launched from Russian subs can probably hit their target faster. All of this assumes the US can get off a response at all. Russian cyber warriors are among the world's best. Expect them to try and hit the US infrastructure with cyber attacks crippling the US response to this attack. Furthermore US personnel in this regard have suffered from poor training and low morale for many years and the arsenal has not received the proper care it should have for quite some time. As stated, we cannot "know" the outcome in advance. Unfortunately the facts of the situation leave little to no cause for optimism.

In summary, the 10 minutes is likely what we'd have as a response time to an attack. Time for the missiles to get here would likely be about 30 minutes in the case of North Korea. In the case of Russia, response is likely less than 10 minutes assuming we can respond at all. How many can we knock down? In the case of North Korea maybe one if we are ridiculously lucky. When it comes to American national security I do NOT like the prospect of having to rely on luck. In the case of Russia, how many can we knock down? Zero as US missile defense and other technologies lag far behind the Russians.