Thursday, May 25, 2017

President Obama Is In Berlin

Politico: How Obama not so subtly undercuts Trump

Obama’s calculated but opaque opposition to Trump was on full display in Berlin.

When they realized former President Barack Obama was going to be in Berlin the same day President Donald Trump was going to be in Brussels, Angela Merkel was the one who called the White House to break the news.

The German chancellor invited Obama to the event in front of the Brandenburg Gate last year, before the election. Officially part of a multi-day gathering sponsored by the Protestant church in Germany, focused on youth and highlighting an exchange program between Berlin and Chicago, it was really about letting Obama boost his friend ahead of her fall reelection campaign and begin the international phase of his own post-presidency.

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WNU Editor: He just cannot let it go. After being deferred to and praised by many for 8 years .... and then to see President Trump be treated and feted by the Saudis and Israelis in a manner that was never accorded to him .... he has to (cough cough) voice his thoughts. I understand what he is doing .... he is fighting for his legacy, and he and his supporters know that President Trump is well positioned to uproot it. Here is an easy prediction .... President Obama's criticisms of President Trump are going to increase over time. But for the moment .... happy days are here today .... Nothing Says "Happiness" and "Relief" Like Angela Merkel Seeing Barack Obama Again (Mother Jones).

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Chase jones said...

What legacy

fred lapides said...

Trying reading..all he did before the new guy began undoing it with his pen

Chase jones said...

As a small business owner it was not good at all. More regs and more taxes. Maybe if you were a goverment worker or benefit leach im sure it was great. And his apology tour was the saddest moment in usa history shameful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chase, you forgot to tell those darn kids to stay off the lawn. Also things were better in the good ole' days when darkies knew their place, amirite?

Anonymous said...

True brother, I prefer Trump and I guess at least 80% of the readers of this blog like him more than Obama.

aaa said...

Anon1, you're exactly why we voted for Trump. C*nts like you that constantly accuse those you disagree with of racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. But keep doing it, after all it's worked so well for the democrat party over the past 8 years.

Fred, what is done with the pen can be undone with the pen. If Obama was concerned with his legacy he would have compromised more with the republicans. But now, his 'legacy' is being quickly erased. When Obama took office I was hopeful the country would take a turn for the better but soon realized he wasn't going to change a thing.

Gunsmithing, rifles and shotgun said...

I wonder how many times Mr Egomaniac mentioned himself in the speech.Politician = Slim-bag each and everyone.