Saturday, May 20, 2017

President Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia -- News Updates May 20, 2017

Daily Mail: Trumps on tour: Donald and Melania (plus Ivanka) are greeted by the Saudi king as they land in Riyadh for his crucial first test abroad

* President touched down in Saudi Arabia after flying overnight on Air Force One to Middle Eastern state
* Saudi King presented Trump with the kingdom's top civilian honor, the gold King Abdulaziz medal
* After two days of meetings in Riyadh, during which he is set to call for Arab nations to help in the fight against ISIS, Trump will travel to Israel
* He will then have an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Wednesday
* Trump has become the only US president to make Saudi his first overseas stop

President Donald Trump has landed in Saudi Arabia as he begins his first foreign tour since taking office.

He touched down in the Middle East Saturday morning, hours after tweeting about his excitement for his first 'big foreign trip.'
Trump flew to the capital Riyadh overnight on Air Force One – becoming the only president to make Saudi Arabia, or any majority Muslim country, his first stop overseas as president.

His arrival following a 6,700-mile flight was met with the pomp usually reserved for the likes of a Papal welcome in South America.
The president got the red carpet treatment – literally – and some airport workers took off their shoes before manicuring it with brooms in 97-degree heat.

The Saudi King later presented Trump with the kingdom's top civilian honor, the gold King Abdulaziz medal, at the royal court.

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WNU Editor: First impressions .... the Saudis are going out of their way to impress President Trump.

President Trump Arrives In Saudi Arabia -- News Updates May 20, 2017

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fred lapides said...

This is all about confronting ISIS? ie, a NATO like Sunni stance against Shia Iran...with Russia of course still supporting Iran in Syria...fora time, Turkey a contender to be top dog in M.E., but Iran number one, as Saudis still bomb the shit out of Yemen.