Monday, May 22, 2017

President Trump's Direct Flight To Israel From Saudi Arabia Will Be The First Time That A Plane Will Fly Between The Two Countries

The Drive: Air Force One May Make Historic First Direct Saudi Arabia To Israel Flight

Hopes for a new, more peaceful middle east may ride on the wings of Air Force One.

Donald Trump is set to make his first international trip as President on Friday. A White House besieged by controversy and federal investigations clearly hopes the excursion abroad can redirect the spotlight while also offering up some much needed positive headlines. One of those may very well be the first disclosed direct flight by any aircraft between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Trump's first stop will be in Saudi Arabia, where he will be welcomed by some serious fanfare according to reports. There he aims to close a gargantuan arms deal, said to total upwards of $300 billion over the coming decade, and a whopping $100 billion in the near term. He will also likely push for a more robust Arab military alliance, something loosely akin to a middle east NATO, to deal with militant groups, terrorism and to counter Iran's growing conventional military capabilities and influence abroad.

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WNU Editor: This is actually a big thing. In the past planes would stop at Jordan before making the flight to Israel .... but no more now. This is one more sign on how relations between Israel and the Gulf states have changed in the past few years, and with the Palestinian issue becoming less of a concern.

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