Thursday, May 4, 2017

Prince Philip Dead? Emergency Meeting Has Been Called By Buckingham Palace

Daily Mail: Queen calls her entire household to 'highly unusual' emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace today but mystery surrounds the reason why

* Staff to be addressed by senior officer of Royal Household Sir Christopher Geidt
* Fuelling rumours of announcement concerning Queen or Duke of Edinburgh
* Staff from afar afield as Balmoral in Scotland have been called back to London

Speculation amongst Buckingham Palace staff was rampant last night as the Queen’s most senior aides called her entire household to an emergency meeting today.

Servants from royal residences across the country have been ordered to London and will be addressed this morning by the Lord Chamberlain, the most senior officer of the Royal Household, as well as Her Majesty’s right-hand man, Private Secretary Sir Christopher Geidt.

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Update #1: Entire royal household called to emergency meeting -- The Australian
Update #2: Speculation rife about Prince Philip, despite Duke pictured in good health yesterday --

WNU Editor: An announcement is to be made at 8:00 AM London time. If the Queen had passed away we would be knowing about it within minutes. According to social media .... it looks like something has happened to her husband .... Prince Philip. I hope and pray this is all just a false alarm and/or a minor thing.

Update #3: 'No cause for concern' over Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip after rumors swirl (DW).

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Anonymous said...

I don't mean anything bad to anyone. But. .I never understand the outcry over the death of a royal. These people live of our taxes. Where's the outcry for the teachers, scientists and doctors and street sweepers that make our lives better? I'm really annoyed by this.