Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reporters Fall For A Fake 'White House' Document Where Trump Is Making Absurd Demands On Israel

Washington Free Beacon: Reporters Fall for Fake Document of Trump Making Absurd Demands in Israel

Reporters on Monday fell for a fake "White House" document that supposedly showed President Donald Trump making unusual demands of his Israeli hosts during his trip abroad.

The Twitter account Rogue White House Senior Advisor on Friday shared what it claimed was Trump's demands ahead of a trip to Israel, including roughly a metric ton of sugary and non-kosher junk food.

While the account's motive remains unclear, its shtick is to share shocking and outlandish "insider" stories about Trump while providing no evidence. The account has never provided verification that it is actually run by a White House staffer.

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WNU Editor: It took me two seconds to figure out that this is a fake .... but the fact that so many of the media outlets fell for the joke tells me a lot on how they manage the news when it comes to the Trump administration.


Jay Farquharson said...

Really, WFB,


Chase jones said...

Show how delusional and ridiculous they are. Laughing stock of the world.

D.Plowman said...

Even though its fake, it still has the desired effect. Just need to read through some of the idiotic twitter comments to see that people are lapping it up for what it is.

If the purpose of the document is to make Trump look bad to Joe Soap, then it will do the job.