Monday, May 1, 2017

Russia Continues With Its Military Buildup In The Arctic

NBC: Russia’s Military Buildup in Arctic Has U.S. Watching Closely

ALAKURTTI BASE, RUSSIAN ARCTIC — An RPG shell whistles towards its target, exploding in a ball of fire just as a group of soldiers in white fatigues, zip past on skis, bullets flying from their white rifles.

It was all part of a training exercise by Russia's newly formed 80th Motor Rifle Arctic Brigade, which was established two years ago as part of the Kremlin's bid for dominance in the Arctic. The soldiers are trained to operate in some of the least hospitable climates in the world — where temperatures can drop to -40 — using tanks, military hardware and even reindeer sleds to get around in the frozen terrain.

NBC News was granted rare access to the Alakurtti base this week, along with several other foreign media organizations. Located near the border with Finland in the Murmansk region, the Soviet-era base was refurbished and formally opened in 2015.

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