Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Russian President Putin Is Willing To Hand Over His Oval Office Transcript To U.S. Lawmakers

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a news conference at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, January 17, 2017. REUTERS/Sergei Ilnitsky/Pool/File Photo

Reuters: Vladimir Putin says can prove Trump did not pass Russia secrets

SOCHI, Russia, May 17 (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump had not passed any secrets onto Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a meeting in Washington last week and that he could prove it.

Speaking at a news conference alongside Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Putin quipped that Lavrov had not passed what he said were the non-existent secrets onto him either.

Putin said Russia was ready to hand a transcript of Trump's meeting with Lavrov over to U.S. lawmakers if that would help reassure them.

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WNU Editor: I can hear the media narrative now .... more proof that Trump is colluding with the Russians. But here is the rub .... Putin is telling everyone that he does not believe that there is nothing of intelligence value that came out from last week's meeting .... but the entire media and political narrative for the past 48 hours is that President Trump did give intel to the Russians. So if lawmakers do accept his offer .... they are then validating the White House's position that nothing sensitive was passed .... hence destroying the narrative and making fools of a lot of people .... especially the Washington Post who were the first to push this story. Talk about trolling the press.


RussInSoCal said...

It's a magnitude 10 freakout every time Trump performs aspects of his job. Living in the US (SoCal) and talking with neighbors, hearing conversations at the gym, the grocery store, clients, etc.; folks are becoming fed up to the fake hysterics du jour pumped out by US media.

/If everything is Watergate, is anything Watergate?

War News Updates Editor said...

If everything is Watergate, is anything Watergate?

King Aragon said...

The devil

fred lapides said...

dear russ in socal

recall billy joel lyrics


RussInSoCal said...

Really Fred? The left is fabricating high crimes out of whole cloth. Violently intolerant of any ideas that go against their liberal dogma. Absolutely vulgar and insulting in their Late Night TV shows. Now shrieking "Impeachment" over the non-crime of a president asking the FBI Dir. to reconsider an investigation.

Even Nancy Pelosi - in a moment of clarity - explained to a stunned audience yesterday that unless there are actual facts to back up the calls for impeachment, its "just adding to more hearsay".

In my view the left started the fire and is stoking it daily. It would be refreshing to hear an alternative policy to Trump's instead of just nonstop hate and rage.

fred lapides said...

I do not watch any late night shows...but they make money by entertaining and do what works for them...I do not know who is yelling impeachment but Pelosi said it is not the time to make such talk, as you noted
there is an alternative policy: pretty much the one Trump is deleting by executive orders, for example, his attempt to do away with Obama Care.

I wait therefore for Putin to share his notes on what is and is not classified materials that he did not get or missed. I am sure he know what is classified and so can advise us

fred lapides said...

The Right says all ok; the left says otherwise. Both sides and the public would be then best served by an independent investigation, otherwise the possible taint of coverup will remain. Incidentally, the FBI investigation is ongoing. It did not end with the dismissal of Comey. Why is this ongoing? Nothing there, then tell us asap

Bob Huntley said...

I wonder if Putin's "material" is in the form of a tape?

Jay Farquharson said...

While that would take his and Larov's "lutzing" the US to 11,

So far they are just sticking to a steady 8.

Jay Farquharson said...

"It was an unscripted moment, both playful and cutting. But it also served to give Americans a brief window into how Russia views the unfolding chaos of the Trump presidency: Russians, it turns out, think this is all sort of hilarious."

War News Updates Editor said...

They are the ones who are really LFAO

Jay Farquharson said...

Yup, they got everything they could realistically expect in the short term.

After the years of all the "Drunk Boris" jokes, the Russian people really deserve to enjoy all the "Deplorable" jokes.