Thursday, May 11, 2017

Should More U.S. And NATO Troops Be Deployed To Afghanistan?

VOA: Will Sending More US Troops to Afghanistan Turn Back Taliban?

As Washington considers sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, analysts are skeptical whether the move would help quell a resurgent Taliban or push the insurgent group to the negotiating table.

U.S President Donald Trump is expected to announce his Afghan policy later this month and his advisers are reportedly recommending adding up to 5,000 additional American troops.

Security analysts say a troop surge would not make a difference unless additional steps are taken including reforms within the Afghan government and convincing Pakistan to break ties with militant groups in Afghanistan.

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WNU Editor: Some believe this talk of a surge of U.S. and foreign forces to Afghanistan is nothing more but a farce .... Is Trump’s Rumored Afghanistan Troop Surge Just a Farce? (Sputnik). What's my take .... sending a few thousand U.S. troops and a few hundred NATO troops is not going to change the situation on the ground .... it will just up the casualty count and intensify the fighting.

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