Sunday, May 14, 2017

Still No Comment From Hillary Clinton On The Firing Of FBI Director James Comey

Daily Mail: Hillary Clinton has 'mixed mind' over Trump's decision to oust James Comey because of Russia investigation even though she still blames ex-FBI chief for costing her election

* Associates of Hillary Clinton say she has mixed views over firing of James Comey
* While Clinton blames Comey for costing her election, she is said to be concerned over impact of dismissal on probe of Trump's alleged Russia ties
* Trump fired Comey earlier this week, prompting accusations of a cover-up

Hillary Clinton has a 'mixed mind' about President Donald Trump's decision to fire the man she believed cost her the election – ex-FBI Director James Comey, it was learned on Saturday.

A close associate who spoke to the former Democratic Party nominee after news of Comey's firing sparked controversy said that while there are no tears being shed for the former FBI chief, 'taking him out of his job at this point only reinforces the point that he was on to something

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WNU Editor: Revelations from Wikileaks only reinforced those who would vote against her. But FBI Director Comey's declaration 10 days before the election that the file on Hillary Clinton was to be re-open damaged her among the independents and those who were leaning to vote for her. One can only look at the above video and see that she is both angry and frustrated that what was suppose to be an easy election for her became something else .... and she is very blunt on who she blames. As to why is she still remaining quiet on the Comey firing .... when you know that she has no love for the former FBI Director .... to me her silence says it all. Unlike her Democrat colleagues who are voicing their objections 24/7 on the firing of FBI Director Comey .... she is not going to go there .... and I predict that she will not comment on it for as long as this story is on the front pages. Later .... when this story is no longer important to the media .... she will comment, and she will say the line that he deserved to be fired, but the timing was maybe not right.


fred lapides said...

Why comment expected?

War News Updates Editor said...

Fred .... because everyone else is commenting on it.

fred lapides said...

Obama? Bush? Cheney?
No need. The incident speaks for itself
Two former CIA NSA heads spoke about it just now on tv
Those wanting hillary to say something simply want to jump on her verbally. She will not play your game

War News Updates Editor said...

But she has already interjected into this before the Comey firing where she blamed him for her defeat. That is why her silence is deafening.

I also saw the interviews with Clapper and Hayden this morning. They are critical of President Trump because they see him attacking the NSA/CIA institutions that they come from. But I would argue that it is they and the institutions that they come from who are attacking a duly elected President. Why liberals are now giving these guys a pass is beyond me .... I thought I would never see the day when progressives and liberals throw their support to the CIA/NSA and accept carte blanche what they are saying.