Monday, May 1, 2017

Syrian War News Updates -- May 1, 2017

ABC News Online: Syrian war: At least 11 killed in barrel bomb attack following weekend of rebel infighting

At least 11 people have been killed by barrel bombs dropped by Syrian Government helicopters following a weekend of violence and protests across the country, human rights monitors say.

The Syrian Network for Human rights said four children died in Sunday's bombing near Daraa in the country's south, while video purporting to be of the aftermath of the attack showed the bodies of small children strewn across the ground.

On Saturday, eight members of the Syrian civil defence 'the White Helmets' were reported killed after a regime air strike hit their office in northern Hama province.

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Syrian War News Updates -- May 1, 2017

Infighting in Syria's Ghouta leaves nearly 100 dead -- Al Jazeera
Syrian rebel groups clash in besieged Damascus enclave -- Reuters
Over 200 rebels killed during infighting east of Damascus -- New China
Syria government repels IS attack in Aleppo province -- FOX News/AP
Deadly air strikes target rebel-held Idlib in Syria -- Al Jazeera
Eight Syria Civil Defence workers killed in air strike: statement -- Reuters
Over 2700 dead in Syria in April: monitor --
Chemical attack in Syria that drew U.S. response was just one in a series, rights group alleges -- Washington Post
Human Rights Watch report: In Syria, pattern of chemical weapons attacks by Assad regime -- CBS News
US-backed fighters retake more areas from IS in Syrian town -- AP
U.S.-backed militias oust Islamic State from Syria's Tabqa old city -- Reuters
U.S.-led coalition patrols Turkey-Syria border -- UPI
More U.S. Strykers Appear in Syria as Tensions With Turkey Flare -- The Drive
US forces patrol Syrian border amid clashes between Turkey and Kurdish militants -- Military Times
Russia Made Proposals to Ease Tensions in Syria, Member of Armed Opposition Says -- Sputnik
Syrian Civil War: U.S. Doctors Offer Hope and Healing to ‘Lost Generation’ -- NBC
Over a million Syrian refugees trapped in an 'informal' Lebanese limbo -- Sydney Morning Herald
Amid the rubble, Aleppo tries to return to normal life -- The Guardian
Almost a month after Trump’s airstrike, Syria remains a barbaric battlefield -- Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

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