Monday, May 15, 2017

Syrian War News Updates -- May 15, 2017

US troops stationed in Syria. Reuters

The Telegraph: Syrian troops advancing towards US and British special forces

Bashar al-Assad’s troops are on a collision course with Western special forces, after advancing towards their training base in eastern Syria over the weekend.

Pro-government soldiers are now within 15 miles of al-Tanf - a heavily fortified hub for American and British special forces training Syrian rebel groups, which are fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) near the Iraqi border.

The assault is being led by Iranian forces, which are commanding Syrian troops and a number of Lebanese Hizbollah fighters with the help of Russian jets in the skies.

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Syrian War News Updates -- May 15, 2017

Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements Toward Border With Iraq: Rebels -- Reuters
Syrian troops and missiles advance on US and UK special forces fighting ISIS -- Express
Syria sends army, Shia militias closer to border with Iraq, Jordan -- Kurdistan 24
Syria war: Rebels evacuated from Damascus stronghold -- BBC
Syria regime nears total recapture of Damascus -- AFP
Syria army 'moves into area' where rebels evicted ISIL -- Al Jazeera
Syrian activists: Airstrikes on IS-held areas kill dozens -- AP
Syrian army regains control of airport in northern Syria from Islamic State -- Reuters
US-led coalition strike kills 23 in Syria: monitor -- AFP
Syria war: Fears of 'catastrophe' on the way for millions trapped in Idlib -- ABC news Online
Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements Toward Border With Iraq: Rebels -- Reuters
Hunger and fear in Syria’s Tabqa after Daesh defeat -- Daily Star/AFP
Fighters announce handover of Syria’s Tabqa to city council -- RUDAW
Kurdish flags flying over liberated Euphrates Dam stoke ethnic tensions in Syria -- IBTimes
U.N. restarts Syria talks with fresh format, same challenges -- Reuters
UN's Syria envoy rejects Assad claim that Geneva peace talks are irrelevant -- The Guardian

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