Saturday, May 27, 2017

The G-7 Summit Ends -- A News Roundup

Reuters: G7 leaders end summit split on climate change, more united on trade

Under pressure from allies, U.S. President Donald Trump backed a pledge to fight protectionism on Saturday, but refused to endorse a global climate change accord, saying he needed more time to decide.

The summit of Group of Seven wealthy nations pitted Trump against the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Canada and Japan on several issues, with European diplomats frustrated at having to revisit questions they hoped were long settled.

Trump, who has previously called global warming a hoax, tweeted that he would make a decision next week on whether to back the 2015 Paris Agreement on curbing carbon emissions following lengthy discussions with G7 partners.

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WNU Editor: Apparently German Chancellor Merkel is not happy with President Trump's position on climate change .... Germany’s Merkel: G-7 will agree to act against protectionism; Climate discussion was “unsatisfactory” (AP). More details here .... Merkel Furious With Trump After "Unprecedented" G-7 Failure To Reach Consensus On Climate Change (Zero Hedge). What's my take .... the G7 group wanted to focus on climate trade and anti-protectionism, President Trmp's focus was on decreasing the U.S. Trade deficit, defense, and putting climate change on the back-burner. To put it bluntly .... both sides were not on the same page.

The G-7 Summit Ends -- A News Roundup

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Anonymous said...

I can understand why Germany would be upset. If the US follows through with balancing it's trade deficit with Germany and not pursuing climate change policies while Germany does, the US economy is going to grow and Germany's will suffer. It'll make the German government look bad at home.