Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Philippines Just Bought A Warship For The Bargain Basement Price Of $100

Kyle Mizokami, Popular Mechanics: The Philippines Just Bought a Warship for $100

But what does a single Benjamin actually buy you?

The Republic of the Philippines is getting a real bargain. In this age of $1.3 billion guided missile destroyers, the island nation is "buying" a used warship from South Korea for the bargain-basement price of just $100. While that sounds like a screaming deal, exactly what is it getting for its money?

The Philippines is in the midst of a defense buildup. The island country has been locked in a political face-off with China over competing territorial claims in the South China Sea. With no end in sight, the concern is the political dispute will escalate to a military one, a hypothetical conflict the Philippines would be woefully unready for. The country has been fighting an insurgency against various internal groups, including the Al Qaeda-aligned Abu Sayyaf guerrilla force, funding its army at the expense of its navy and air force.

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WNU Editor: OK .... they have to spend $4 million for refurbishing the ship ... and then there are the weapons.

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