Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The U.S. President Has His Own Secret Air Force

U.S. Government

Garrett M. Graff, Politico: The President’s Secret Air Force

Air Force One is just the public face of a fleet that keeps the president safe and secure.

The photo this winter of a smiling Mar-a-Lago guest with the uniformed military aide who carries the “nuclear football” was a rare—and unease-inducing—public reminder that just steps from the president at all times are the keys to end the world as we know it. Americans normally see very little of the massive apparatus that surrounds the modern presidency—and it’s easy to forget that much of it exists primarily to help ensure that the commander in chief, wherever he is in the world, is able to access the nation’s nuclear weapons and launch a retaliatory strike.

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WNU Editor: The President has a big fleet backing him.

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