Thursday, May 4, 2017

This Is The Future Of Amphibious Warfare

Patrick Tucker, Defense One: When Robots Storm the Beach

The future of amphibious warfare looks like a constellation of bots large and small. The main challenge now is getting them to talk to each other.

OCEANSIDE, California — The beach assault began not with a bang but the whirring of drone propellers overhead, a grumble of gears, and the low sweep of the ocean. Frisbee-sized quadcopters raced ahead of enormous, self-driving amphibious assault vehicles. Satellites peered down as robotic submarines probed outward and up. With gigabytes of data flowing between these interconnected machines, it seemed — misleadingly — like a war that did not need humans at all.

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WNU Editor: Will robots successfully replace marines? For some reason I have my doubts.

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