Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Top U.S. General Disputes Reports That Civilian Deaths From U.S. Air Strikes Are Soaring

Rodi Said/Reuters

AFP: No increase in civilian deaths under Trump: US general

A top US Air Force official on Wednesday denied claims that civilian casualties in Iraq and Syria are soaring under President Donald Trump, who has given greater leeway to battlefield commanders.

Airwars, a London-based collective of journalists and researchers that tracks civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria, this week said it has seen numbers jump since Trump came into power.

The group estimates as many as 366 civilians were killed in Iraq and Syria in April alone.

Another Britain-based group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, on Tuesday said US-led air strikes killed 225 civilians in Syria over the past month.

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WNU Editor: The Centcom count (at the end of April) that states that after 3 years only 396 civilians have been killed by the U.S. coalition bombing campaign against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria .... is .... to put it bluntly .... a number that I have trouble believing.


Anonymous said...

Times 20? 30? Who Knows? Who gives a s#%t? 'Murica blows 'em up good.
MAGA. We're all out of ideas and give a f&*ks.

Gotta have that upper class tax cut and kill thousands of 'Muricans here to pay for it. 'Murica. so. f%$kin'. great.

Aizino Smith said...

How many of those civilians were family of the Jihadis.

How many civilians were hostages of the jihadis?

Has 4 chunk anon done a pie chart.

To a certain extent I believe the Japanese and Germans civilians got what was coming to them for not defeating NAZI and Japanese militarists.

Certainly tens of thousands if not million of Germans or Japanese, who had not voted for Hitler or Tojo were killed in mass bombing by HE or fire. And if they had not been killed then more allied soldiers and other civilians would have been killed. SO any pacifist or purist has that on their hands.

Britain has on their hands blood too the same as German civilians. they shrank from war in the aftermath of the take over of Czechoslovakia. They avoided war in 1938 hand did not pay the butchers bill up front. hey paid interest. Smart, very smart from a Liberal toad's point of view. Got to be afraid of those Mark I tanks. It is much easier to take on Mark 3 and Mark 4 panzers than a mark I LULZ!

Jay Farquharson said...

Is this the same US General that said that Russia was backing the Taliban?,

Or the same General that said there's no evidence that Russia was backing the Taliban?

So many US Generals, so many competing claims,

It starts to get hard to keep track of all the unsupported claims based on branch of service and number of stars,


Aizino Smith said...

You should read intel reports sometimes before they go up the chain.

Maybe if you did, you would not be such a goon.

Jay Farquharson said...


Your allusions to service sound like stolen honour.


Aizino Smith said...

I earned that extra pay every month.

I also earned that Campaign badge.

'lil Jabber was somewhere, where perhaps they leave him alone since he is Canadian.

His greatest risk would have been mistaken for a American or a Brit.

I got to be where I saw with my own eyes, where the civilians targeted us.