Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trump - Macron Handshake Under The Microscope

Bloomberg: Macron Out-Trumps Trump in Handshake Duel Before NATO Summit

* Trump’s handshake style under microscope since Abe meeting
* Trump and Macron met for first time ahead of NATO leader talks

Donald Trump is known for employing knuckle-crushing, testosterone-driven, arm-shuddering handshakes. But he met his match today in Emmanuel Macron.

It took the French president just six seconds to out-Trump Trump in a handshake that showed the world -- and a man three decades his senior -- that there’s a new leader on the world stage.

Trump’s trick is to go in strong and then hold on just slightly too long, often pulling the other man toward him. Meeting Macron for the first time before a NATO summit in Brussels, Trump went in firm as usual. But this time, it was Trump -- not Macron -- who tried to back out first. Macron simply wouldn’t let go as Trump tried to pull back once, and then flexed his fingers straight to get out. On the second try, he was able to pull away.

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Update: Trump handshake showdown: France’s Macron just won’t let go (AP)

WNU Editor: Groan .... it's just a handshake. But in some places in Europe this is big news .... like this news in the U.S. .... Trump Shoves Leader at NATO Summit (US News and World Report/Reuters).


RussInSoCal said...

Macron apparently got the Trump handshake memo from Trudeau.

Jay Farquharson said...


D.Plowman said...

I don't know WNU Editor...

If Trump was doing the crushing, you'd probably be salivating over it, complementing on his manly handshake... :P

In regards to the Trump-Nato shove, well that's Trump in a nutshell.