Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Turkey Has Vetoed NATO's Partnership With Austria In Retaliation For Austria Blocking Its Bid To Join The EU

BBC: Nato hit by Turkish veto on Austria partnership

Turkey is vetoing Nato's co-operation with Austria, blocking the alliance's partnership activities with 41 countries, the BBC understands.

Turkey is in Nato, providing the most military muscle after the US, while Austria is not. But Austria co-operates closely with Nato, and has more than 400 troops serving in Kosovo.

Austria condemned the Turkish veto, calling it "irresponsible".

Turkey is angry with Austria for trying to block its bid to join the EU.

A well-informed source told the BBC that heightened tensions between Turkey and Austria had essentially blocked Nato co-operation with the government in Vienna for the past year. The veto was affecting all the Western alliance's partnership activities, which include several ex-Soviet states.

A Nato meeting is planned for Thursday, at the 28-nation alliance's Brussels headquarters.

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WNU Editor: Turkey is only making Austria's case on why they should not be a part of the EU.


B.Poster said...

Does the EU really want Turkey?!!? While I'm not sure how feasible it would be, I would not be opposed to ending US participation in NATO as long as Turkey is a member of the organization.

Anonymous said...

I would not be opposed to ending your participation as long as another complete moron starts commenting.

B.Poster said...


"Complete moron..." Not sure what you are talking about. It should seem obvious that Turkey does not belong in the EU and that Turkey is not a reliable ally. Frankly I'm stunned that anyone in the EU would STILL want Turkey as a part of their union. Frankly one would be a "moron" not to recognize that Turkey should not be a part of the EU and should not be a part of NATO. Efforts should be made to distance ourselves from them as soon as is feasible.

Furthermore one would be a "moron" not to understand the limitations of American military power and the extreme costs that in terms of money and resources that NATO is costing the American people. As such, while a complete and immediate withdrawal from NATO may not be feasible, it is clear the entire nature of the "alliance" needs to be renegotiated and changed.

Good outcomes for America are still possible. We can still have a secure and prosperous future for our people. In order to achieve reality will need to be recognized and leadership will need to act accordingly. Denial of reality seldom ends well for anyone.