Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ukraine Wants To Jail A Soviet Veteran Who Was Involved In Rounding Up Nazi Collaborators After The War

Boris Steckler at a Victory Day celebration was in Rivne, Ukraine, in 2013. The Soviet army veteran is being investigated for the killing, in 1952, of the Ukrainian nationalist Nil Khasevych. Photograph: YouTube

The Guardian: Ukraine investigates 94-year-old Jewish veteran over nationalist's death in 1952

Soviet army veteran Boris Steckler faces murder inquiry over his role in death of Ukrainian insurgent and could be jailed

Ukraine’s prosecutor general has opened a murder investigation against a 94-year-old Jewish Red Army veteran over the 1952 killing of a nationalist insurgent who has been accused of collaborating with Nazis.

The case comes amid a “decommunisation” campaign by the Ukrainian government, which has celebrated nationalist groups who fought the Soviets. If charged, the veteran could face a prison sentence.

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Update: Ukraine opens criminal probe against 94-year-old Jewish WWII hero (YNet News)

WNU Editor: During the war .... and after the region in Ukraine where my father grew up was liberated .... he was sent there and he was involved with a unit that tracked down Ukrainians who collaborated with the Nazis and who were involved in war crimes. I have been told that he was only deployed for a few weeks before he was sent back to the front .... but I do remember him telling me that these collaborators never gave up willingly .... that firefights were almost always the outcome. I do not know about the case of Soviet army veteran Boris Steckler .... but I am sure that he approached his job with zeal in finding these collaborators .... and I would not be surprised that he brought many of  them to justice. The fact that one resisted and was killed does not surprise me .... the punishment for collaborating with the Nazis was years in a labour camp .... and for those who committed war crimes .... death. Do I feel sorry on what eventually happened to these Nazi supporters .... no .... their war crimes can never be excused. But that was over 60 years ago .... flash forward to today .... the Ukraine government's persecution of this war hero is a sign of where the government of President Poroshenko wants to go .... and unfortunately .... there are many who want to resurrect these mass butchers from the Second World War and make them as war heroes. They are anything but that ..... and it should make all of us shudder on where today's Ukrainian nationalists really want to go with this.

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Stephen Davenport said...

Blah, blah, blah, same ole Ukraine bad, Russia good from you.

Anonymous said...

Ge is a real hero and should have a statue in Kiev

Anonymous said...

That's quite sad... if he was only doing his job he shouldn't be prosecuted at this age. However, if he killed people without proper cause, -suspected- Nazis or not, he should be investigated. At this age though if they don't have very very good proof of his wrongdoing, it'd be a disgrace going after someone who might be considered a hero

Aizino Smith said...

The Germans were greeted as liberators.

If the Germans had gone through with the liberation instead of just talking, Stalin would have lost. He nearly lost anyway.

Hitler was the best general of Britain and Russia. The British gave up trying to assassinate him for that reason.

Hans Persson said...

Ok.. Aizino, Hitler was hardly a genius general. Come on, you know that.

And I have to agree with Stephen here, this "russia ww2 heroes" is getting old.

We all know what these "heroes" did to the people in Europe. The chilling thing is this talk of the "hero" father who was an artillery dude. It was the soldiers behind the front, not actual fighting front soldiers, that raped their way thru Europe. Not saying that your father did this, just saying.

Aizino Smith said...

Hans Persson

"Hitler was hardly a genius general"

That is the point.  That is why the Brits decided to give up in trying to assassinate him.

Hitler was Britains' best general.

And Russia's too. For one he kept changing the point of the drive into Russia. He switch resources form taking Moscow to the south. Many historians think that was a mistake, a big one.

I do not think of Hitler as a genius or an evil genius. I think of him as just some guy.

A lot of people would or do score high on the F-scale. There are criticism of the scale. However what I see of identity politics and such t explains a lot.

Jay Farquharson said...

Aizino Smith said...

"Civil unrest in the Galician countryside resulted in Polish police exacting a policy of collective responsibility on local Ukrainians in an effort to "pacify" the region; demolishing Ukrainian community centers and libraries, confiscating property and produce, and beating protesters"

Funny things is that Ukrainians are Poles once removed.

But then Japanese at Koreans once removed and the 2 hate each others

Jay Farquharson said...

Andrew Jackson said...

Stalin shot his wife in the face.