Sunday, May 21, 2017

Unrest In Venezuela -- News Updates May 20, 2017

The Guardian: Venezuela: 50th day of protests brings central Caracas to a standstill

Venezuelans take to the streets, furious about shortages, rocketing inflation and human rights crackdowns, demanding President Maduro hold elections

Masses of protesters with white shirts, homemade gas masks and flags draped around their shoulders shut down a main road in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, in a continuation of near-daily street protests.

Soldiers closed access to the centre of the city and officials closed at least 10 metro stations in anticipation of Saturday’s protest, which was part of demonstrations across the country by hundreds of thousands of people. The protests marked 50 days of protests against the government of President Nicol├ís Maduro, with unrest gaining momentum despite a rising death toll and chaotic scenes of night-time looting.

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Unrest In Venezuela -- News Updates May 20, 2017

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