Friday, May 12, 2017

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman: Hezbollah Presence In Southern Syria Is A Threat To Israel

US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, October 18, 2015. (photo credit:MATTY STERN/U.S. EMBASSY TEL AVIV)

Times of Israel: Hezbollah presence in Syria a big threat to Israel, Dunford says

During visit to Jewish state, US military chief also says countering Iran a top priority alongside fighting IS

General Joseph Dunford, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, said during a visit to Israel that Hezbollah’s presence in southern Syria is a major threat to Israel because it “would give Israel two fronts to deal with” should the Lebanese terrorist group attack.

The Israelis have been pressing the threat by the Lebanese Hezbollah, which Dunford said now fields a conventional force armed with missiles, rockets, artillery, armored vehicles and tanks.

This week’s visit is Dunford’s third to Israel, which he called a close partner. He said coming to Israel “as a matter of routine is important.”

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WNU Editor: No fly zones and the conflict in Syria are probably on the top of the list on why General Joseph Dunford is there right now.

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Anonymous said...

So whos Jordan fighting for?

Andrew Jackson said...

Message to Trumpbot nutjobs,invade Lebanon,destroy Hezbollah. Restore Christian rule in country.Build biggest military base in Middle East . Put 250 F-35,F-22 FB.s in base.Build massive airborne and armored base in country.Lebanon is only 60% the size of Conn.,can be easily occupied and defended because guards the right flank.

Andrew Jackson said...

Israel guards the right flank. sorry