Monday, May 22, 2017

US Special Ops Wants Super Soldiers

Next Big Future: Special Ops interested in Drugs and more for Supersoldiers and strength enhancing exoskeleton armor

US Special Ops is looking to put Captain America Supersoldiers into HALO exoskeleton Armor.

Innovative solutions that will optimize human performance, reduce recovery time, and increase peak performance sustainability, including increased endurance, strength, energy, agility, enhanced senses, provide restorative effects of sleep, and enhance tolerance to environmental extremes. The technologies can be demonstrated through studies that provide proof of concepts or through solutions demonstrated in humans that quantify operational performance improvements. Technologies should not consist of new software applications, wearables, and additional studies on existing nutraceuticals that have been previously researched in depth.

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WNU Editor: In short .... what they want is this .... Better pharmaceuticals, coupled with better body armor protection and something like the TALOS (Iron Man) exoskeleton.

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