Saturday, May 6, 2017

Venezuelans Are Starving

Empty refrigerator shelves are pictured at a Makro supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela, August 4, 2015. Venezuelan supermarkets are increasingly being targeted by looters, as swollen lines and prolonged food shortages spark frustration in the OPEC nation struggling with an economic crisis. Photo by Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

Wall Street Journal: Venezuela Is Starving

Once Latin America’s richest country, Venezuela can no longer feed its people, hobbled by the nationalization of farms as well as price and currency controls

YARE, Venezuela— Jean Pierre Planchart, a year old, has the drawn face of an old man and a cry that is little more than a whimper. His ribs show through his skin. He weighs just 11 pounds.

His mother, Maria Planchart, tried to feed him what she could find combing through the trash—scraps of chicken or potato. She finally took him to a hospital in Caracas, where she prays a rice-milk concoction keeps her son alive.

“I watched him sleep and sleep, getting weaker, all the time losing weight,” said Ms. Planchart, 34 years old. “I never thought I’d see Venezuela like this.”

Her country was once Latin America’s richest, producing food for export. Venezuela now can’t grow enough to feed its own people in an economy hobbled by the nationalization of private farms, and price and currency controls.

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Update #1: Venezuela Full of Strife With Empty Refrigerators (VOA)
Update #2: Amid hungry, violent looting, Venezuelan shopkeepers fortify their businesses (Miami Herald)

WNU Editor: There was a time when Venezuela was actually an exporter of food .... no more now. When I first started this blog I mentioned more than once that Venezuela's nationalisation of its businesses would result in severe shortages in the future when the economics of running these enterprises no longer made sense. Well .... that time is now .... and we are specifically seeing it in the agri-food sector. Here is an easy prediction .... it is going to get worse.


Rhaegar said...

Any thoughts about the hacking/leak of the Macron campaign?

Aizino Smith said...

Socialism / Communism at work.

Maduro dares what the boy-king Obama only dreams of.

Liberals, you got to admire their determination to out do Sisyphus.

War News Updates Editor said...

Rhaegar. I will be posting a lot of stuff on the French election in the next few hours.

Aizino Smith said...

Who cares if the Russians hacked anyone.

You cannot be blackmailed if you lead an honest life.

Maybe journalist should do their job and report dirty laundry. Then what would the Russians have to leak if it were them?

How is it that Urinalists and Presstitutes would only print 1/2 the story or less?

What about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Take the DC Madame case. They publish all the names or just select names?

I bet their are many , many Democrats and libturds everywhere who are blackmailable.

If the rest of Europe is like Denmark, then the Russians could release their contacts with politicians & Urinalists and Presstitutes. What would the weak willed libtards be able to do except comply with new requests?

Rhaegar said...

I know, that's why I asked for his thoughts, this is one of the few places that will report about it in depth and not just do the typically thing which is to blame Russia and not talk about the content and follow up the case.

Also I like how quick the MSM were to play down the leaks, there is literally an article in Norwegian media that asked some French which didn't care that he got hacked and that it's nothing of importance, and none of the outlets except Wikileaks links directly to the documents.

War News Updates Editor said...

Rhaegar. It is even worse than that. I will be posting everything within half an hour.

Aizino Smith said...

The site I speak of is It has changed.

I know Loonwatch hates the site. But then Loonwatch hates Bruce Bawer too.

Bruce Bawer is or was British. He lived in Holland, but that got to dicey due to 10% or more of the population being 'tolerant' Muslims. So he moved to Norway only to find it one step behind Holland in liberal stupidity.

The Moonies at Loonwatch due their libtardness tp tie Breivik to Bawer.

Getting back to Dispatch International, they had an article about Danish counter intel documents about the meetings and going-ons of liberal Danish politicians and Reporters. The documents are not being released to protect the guilty, the Liberals

James said...

Good questions.