Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Victory Day Military Parade In Moscow -- News Roundup

Daily Mail: Vladimir Putin shows off Russia's terrifying firepower as 10,000 soldiers march through Red Square in huge military parade to mark victory over the Nazis

* Huge Victory Day military parade in Moscow involves 10,000 troops and more than 100 units of equipment
* Russian President Vladimir Putin was in attendance as well as former Kremlin leader Mikhail Gorbachev
* The annual Red Square march in Moscow marks the defeat of Hitler's Nazi Germany in the Second World War
* Fly-past scrapped due to weather despite attempt to guarantee sunshine by 'spiking clouds' with chemicals

Vladimir Putin is today staging a vast military parade showcasing Russia's firepower, and hailing as heroes his troops who have seen service in Syria.

The annual Red Square march in Moscow marks the defeat of Hitler in the Second World War, but the Russian president was using it today to showcase the Kremlin's modern military might.

Putin was personally taking the salute at the parade involving 10,000 troops and 114 units of military equipment.

However plans to send 72 aircraft overhead were defeated by the weather - despite the Kremlin spending £1.3 million to spike the clouds with a chemical cocktail to supposedly guarantee sunshine.

The fly-past was grounded because of low cloud, thwarting Putin's bid to showcase his air force and honour Russian pilots who have served in Syria.

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WNU Editor: Darn!!!!! No fly-by because of the heavy (and low) cloud cover. To watch the entire parade on the ground, see the video below.

Victory Day Military Parade In Moscow -- News Roundup

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