Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Was North Korea's Last Missile Test A Failure, Or A Test Simulating An Electromagnetic Pulse?

It has since been claimed that Kim Jong-un's spooked officials deliberately exploded the KN-17 device shortly after launch. (file picture)

Nikkei Asian Review: North Korea's 'failed' missile test may have been a thinly-disguised threat

Rocket exploded at exactly the altitude needed for devastating electromagnetic pulse

TOKYO -- North Korea again launched a ballistic missile in the morning of April 29, amid growing tensions over its weapons program and increasingly threatening rhetoric between Pyongyang and Washington.

Since the missile exploded in mid-flight, many experts branded the test a failure.

But it could also have been a thinly-disguised warning. Pyongyang could have been saying, "We could launch an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack if things get really ugly." A powerful EMP would cause catastrophic damage to electrical grids and communications networks in surrounding nations, creating chaos.

An EMP attack is based on a phenomenon the U.S. and the Soviet Union discovered and studied during their atmospheric tests of nuclear weapons in the Cold War era.

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WNU Editor: I can understand why the North Koreans would want to develop and test such a weapon. Launching a missile that detonates and causes an electromagnetic pulse that impacts both Japan and South Korea would be devastating .... and the resulting confusion and communications blackout would hinder any intial response to a North Korean invasion/attack of South Korea.

On a side note .... some of WNU's readers have been asking me if my contacts in Russia have anything to say about this .... North Korea 'deliberately detonated missile during failed weekend test because it was heading for RUSSIA' (Daily Mail). I know on Russian social media there is talk about this .... but so far no official word from anyone in the Russian government. As to what is my take .... my gut is telling me that the Russians are in the dark on this one.

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RussInSoCal said...

China urges citizens in N. Korea to return home

fazman said...

Surley if they had the ability to do this they would be crystal clear to the u.s as a deterrent.
I think people are reading way to much into a missile failure, it happens .. next.
Suddenly we have all these rumours of intentional detonations, emps, sounds more like self perpetuated propaganda put out by Kim to explain away these embarressing failures.

fazman said...
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