Thursday, May 25, 2017

With Tensions Growing With China, Taiwan Simulates 'Chinese Invasion' During Military Exercise

Watching over: The military drill was presided over by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen

Daily Mail/AFP: Taiwan simulates 'Chinese invasion' during military exercise amid growing tensions with Beijing

* Forces in Taiwan simulated a Chinese invasion today as part of war games
* The drills are held annually and mock up a scenario of a Chinese attack
* It comes amid growing tension between Taiwan and Beijing
* President Tsai Ing-wen oversaw today's exercise off coast of Penghu Island

Military forces in Taiwan have today simulated a 'Chinese invasion' as part of live-fire war games amid rising tensions with Beijing.

The drills held annually are Taiwan's biggest military exercise and mock up a scenario in which Chinese troops launched an amphibious assault.

The nation is boosting its firepower to counteract the risk of military threat from China.

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Update #1: Taiwan holds war games simulating Chinese island attack (AP)
Update #2: Defense autonomy shows Taiwan's resolve to defend itself: president (Focus Taiwan)

WNU Editor: Hope for the best .... prepare for the worse.

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