Wednesday, May 10, 2017

World News Briefs -- May 10, 2017 (Evening Edition)

Reuters: Trump meets Russia foreign minister amid Comey controversy

Russia's top diplomat met President Donald Trump on Wednesday and praised the U.S. administration as problem solvers, just as the White House drew criticism over the firing of the FBI director who was leading a probe into Moscow's alleged interference in U.S. politics.

The talks with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov were the highest-level public contact between Trump and the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin since the Republican took office on Jan. 20.

While not unprecedented, it is a rare privilege for a foreign minister to be received by a U.S. president for a bilateral meeting in the White House.

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U.S.-backed Syrian militias say capture Tabqa from Islamic State.

U.S. could distribute equipment to Syrian Kurds 'very quickly': spokesman.

Syria safe zones on hold amid concern over how deal will be enforced.

U.S. plans to directly arm Syria Kurds against Islamic State. Syria Kurds say US decision to arm them will hasten IS defeat.

Turkish foreign minister warns US arming of Syrian Kurds poses threat. Turkey warns U.S. of blowback from decision to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria.

Families pour out of Mosul as Iraqi troops push into last militant-held areas.

Battle for Mosul: 400k Iraqis displaced in two months.

Iraq captures west Mosul's al-Maamel industrial neighborhood.

Turkey's president raises tensions with criticism of Israel.

Yemen strongman Saleh open to negotiations with Saudi.

Cholera outbreak kills 34 people in Yemen as MSF calls for more aid.

Iran coal mine explosion death toll rises to 42.

Leading Hamas official says no softened stance toward Israel.


NATO assessing request for more troops to Afghanistan.

New South Korean president vows to address North Korea, broader tensions 'urgently'.

New South Korean President Moon sworn in and willing to visit North Korea. South Korea's Moon Jae-in sworn in vowing to address North.

North Korea stays silent after South Korea presidential election.

North Korea 'not afraid' as it plans new nuclear test, says ambassador in UK.

Report: China may shut down bridge to North Korea.

90% of train operators to halt services in event of North Korean missile: survey.

China's President Xi says to uphold global climate deal.

Cambodia: Hun Sen threatens to wage 'war' on violent protesters.

Supporters of jailed Christian governor Ahok rally in Indonesia.


Tunisian president orders army to protect oil and gasfields.

Libyan coastguard turns back nearly 500 migrants after altercation with NGO ship.

Thousands flee Congo conflict, swelling villages over border in Angola.

At least 13 killed in Somalia fighting.

South Sudan president replaces army chief.

Libya pumping most oil since 2014 even as dispute slows recovery.

Libya foreign minister names Khalifa Haftar army chief.

250 feared dead in the Mediterranean Sea.

Egypt's inflation hits three-decade high.


German minister's pledge to reform military fails to stem criticism.

Irish PM says to address his future as leader next week: sources.

Macron presides over quickening collapse of French politics.

Trump's firing of FBI director 'domestic matter': Kremlin.

Kosovo government falls after losing no-confidence vote.

Ukraine police arrest dozens at tense Victory Day events.

US may send Patriot missile to Lithuania amid Moscow threat.

Protesters deploy tank against German-Turkish arms deal.

Russian opposition leader undergoes eye surgery after attack.


Trump and Lavrov meet amid scrutiny of campaign, Russia ties.

High tensions as Russian diplomat visits Washington. Russia's Lavrov meets Secretary Tillerson ahead of Trump talks.

Republicans question Trump’s firing of FBI director.

FBI chief aimed to expand Russia probe before Trump fired him: source.

CNN exclusive: Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation.

Mexico's homicide rate now at level of armed conflict: Report.

Venezuela protesters fling feces at soldiers, unrest takes 2 more lives.

Rocks, tear gas, petrol bombs… and poo? Venezuelan protests to take a messy turn.

Venezuela medical students' group treats injured protesters.

Venezuela military courts 'used against protesters'.

Brazilian city sees influx of indigenous Venezuelans fleeing crisis.

Brazil's ex-President Lula in court over corruption.


Three London women charged with terrorism offences: police.

U.S. to ban laptops in all cabins of flights from Europe, officials say. U.S. likely to expand airline laptop ban to Europe: government officials.

Notorious leader of Saharan al-Qaeda group loses power.

Al-Qaeda leader praises Syria White Helmets as “Hidden Soldiers of the Revolution”.

German police launch nationwide anti-terror raids.

'Jihad pills' found by Dutch and Italian police.


Wall Street mixed after Trump fires FBI head; Nasdaq hits record high.

Microsoft CEO: tech sector needs to prevent '1984' future.

Trump will bring back ‘currency manipulator’ threat, unless China reins in North Korea.

$100 million homes sales hit record, with value sold topping $1.4 billion.

Amazon trounces rivals in battle of the shopping 'bots'.

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