Monday, May 15, 2017

World News Briefs -- May 15, 2017 (Evening Edition)

Reuters: Global cyber attack slows; search on for hackers, motive

The global WannaCry "ransomware" cyber attack slowed on Monday, with no major infections reported, as global law enforcement agencies shifted their attention to finding the hackers who unleashed it.

The attack infected 300,000 machines in 150 countries, said Tom Bossert, U.S. President Donald Trump's homeland security adviser. That would make it one of the fastest-spreading campaigns in history.

Stocks of cyber security companies surged as investors bet on governments and corporations spending to upgrade their defenses.

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US trumpets Mosul gains, but Iraq says more aid needed.

Iraqi forces close in on Islamic State's Mosul stronghold.

U.S. says Syrians built crematorium at prison to dispose of bodies. US says Syria using 'crematorium' to hide mass killing. US accuses Syria of mass executions and burning the bodies.

Syria regime nears total recapture of Damascus. Syria war: Rebels evacuated from Damascus stronghold.

Syria army 'moves into area' where rebels evicted ISIL.

Syria war: Fears of 'catastrophe' on the way for millions trapped in Idlib.

US-led coalition strike kills 23 in Syria: monitor.

Yemen cholera death toll reaches 184: ICRC. Deadly cholera outbreak sweeps across Yemen. State of emergency in Yemen's Sanaa over cholera crisis.

Iran election: Hardliner Qalibaf withdraws candidacy.

Palestinians mark 69th 'Nakba' anniversary with rallies.

Hunger strike leader Barghouti says eating video fake.

Erdogan visits Trump, amid much friction between US, Turkey.

Saudi king hopeful over 'historic' Muslim-US summit.


Some businesses in Asia disrupted by cyber attack, authorities brace for more.

North Korea vows missile tests 'any time, any place', defying U.S. warnings.

North Korea: New long-range missile can carry heavy nuke.

China's new Silk Road promises trade and riches, with President Xi at helm.

China’s Xi outlines plans for wide cooperation in trade plan. China growth slows amid lower demand globally.

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea.

Pakistan a hub in China's 'New Silk Road'.

EU pushes Myanmar for aid access in northern Rakhine.

Seventeen shot dead in mass jail break in Papua New Guinea.

Hong Kong denies protection to refugees who helped Snowden.

Vietnam arrests activist as MP resigns over mass fish deaths.


Hostages freed from mosque in Central African Republic.

DRCongo unrest killed 390 fighters, 124 troops since end March.

Armed herdsmen kill 20 farmers in western Nigerian mosque: police.

Heavy gunfire in Ivory Coast as military tries to end mutiny. Heavy gunfire heard in Ivory Coast's two main cities amid mutiny.

Christian militias launch deadly assault in Central African Republic. Central African Republic death toll could reach 30: U.N..

After conference, there is ray of hope for Somalia.

Egypt’s Sisi meets Libya’s Haftar in Cairo, emphasises political dialogue to end crisis.

Germany and Italy want to take control of Libya-Niger border to stem flow of migrants.

South Sudanese refugees need $1.4 bn this year: UN.

S.Africa court to rule on Zuma confidence vote.


Dutch government coalition talks break down over immigration.

Merkel and Macron agree to draw up roadmap to deeper EU integration.

France’s new president in Berlin after naming prime minister.

Merkel's CDU unseats ruling SPD in crucial German state election. Merkel's party wins election in rivals' German heartland.

Emmanuel Macron due to name PM on first day as French president.

Germany slams Turkey's refusal to let MPs visit NATO base.

No 'clean slate' between US, Russia: Tillerson.

Putin warns of risks of governments creating hacking tools.

Thousands protest demolition of Soviet-era housing in Moscow.

Austrian chancellor expects snap election this year.


US cyber czar says 'no federal systems' hit by ransomware.

In travel ban case, U.S. judges focus on discrimination, Trump's powers.

Comey sacking: Trump urged to hand over any tapes.

Lawmakers urge Trump to avoid picking a partisan for FBI job.

Schumer: No FBI director until special prosecutor named.

Trump relying on charisma to bridge old divides on first foreign trip.

Another journalist killed as Mexico struggles to contain violence.

Venezuelans again shut down capital to protest government.

Opposition in Venezuela in desperate plea to military. Venezuelans plead with military to end 'repressive' crackdown.

EU urges end to Venezuela violence against protesters.

Julian Assange: Ecuador 'concerned' over lack of progress.


Hamza bin Laden offers ‘advice for martyrdom seekers in the West’.

US takes Sudan off state-sponsored terrorism blacklist.

Syria's al-Qaeda affiliate escapes from Canada's terror list.

Osama bin Laden was obsessed with al Qaeda’s ‘brand’.


Wall Street ends higher; tech shares up after cyber attack.

Experts try to figure out who’s behind global cyberattack.

Microsoft says cyberattack should be wake up call for governments.

Oil price rises as Russia and Saudi Arabia back supply cut.

Smartphones that charge in five minutes 'could arrive next year'.

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