Thursday, May 25, 2017

World News Briefs -- May 25, 2017

DW: Trump calls on NATO members to contribute 'their fair share'

US President Donald Trump has once again urged NATO members to pay more, saying 2 percent of GDP was the miniumum. Earlier, EU officials seemed assured that Trump had reversed some of his criticism of the bloc.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday repeated calls for members of the NATO military alliance to pay more, saying that payments must make up for "the years lost."

Speaking in Brussels at his first NATO summit, Trump said 23 of the 28 NATO allies owed "massive amounts of money" and that this was "not fair to the people and tax payers of the United States."

His comments came after he began the meeting by leading a moment's silence for victims of the Manchester bombing, which he described as "a barbaric and vicious attack on our civilization."

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US air strike on IS killed 105 civilians in Iraq's Mosul.

Iraqi forces release videos countering claims of abuse.

Syrian army advances south toward rebel-held area.

Iran says has built third underground missile factory.

UN alarm over conditions for Palestinian prisoners.

Gaza’s Hamas rulers put to death 3 accused of killing member.

Merkel threatens to pull troops from Turkey's Incirlik military base.


Philippines deploys top commandoes, attack helicopters to retake city from Islamist rebels. Philippines army rescues 78 hostages, kills 13 ISIS-linked terrorists – military. Thousands of residents flee Marawi as insurgents battle Philippines troops, raise Islamic State flag.

Official: At least 13 soldiers killed in south Afghanistan.

NATO troop increase plan draws criticism in Afghanistan.

South China Sea: US warship sails within 12 miles of China-claimed reef.

Bangladesh jails high-profile Islamist leader.

Jakarta bombing linked to Islamic State, Indonesian police say.

Myanmar to deport Turkish family amid crackdown fears.


Libya says working closely with Britain over concert attack.

Militants kill Egyptian police officer in Sinai Peninsula.

Suspected jihadists wreck Mali primary school.

Libyan coastguard opens fire at migrant boats: NGOs.

Five Kenyan police killed in roadside bomb attack.

Nigeria-Cameroon joint efforts to fight piracy.

Tunisian businessmen arrested in 'war on corruption'.

Rwanda: Elections 'will not be rigged'.

Sisi's Egypt cracks down on news websites.


Greek ex-PM Lucas Papademos injured in car blast. Greek ex-premier Lucas Papademos wounded in Athens bombing.

NATO leaders meet under intense Trump pressure on spending.

Trump meets with EU officials in Brussels ahead of NATO summit.

Facing fuming British prime minister, Trump vows to plug leaks.

Macron out-Trumps Trump in handshake duel before NATO summit.

Information leaked in US affects Manchester bomb probe.

Obama in Berlin for landmark church assembly. Barack Obama tells Berlin audience: ‘We can’t hide behind a wall’.


Trump tells Nato allies to pay up. Trump chastises NATO, vows to crackdown on leaks.

Foreign meetings omitted from Sessions' security clearance.

Republican candidate charged with assault after 'body-slamming' Guardian reporter.

Venezuelan student killed by National Guard tear gas canister.

Venezuela prosecutor says security forces killed student.

Embattled Brazilian President Michel Temer deploys troops to streets. Brazil protests: Temer revokes decree deploying troops in Brasilia.

President Lenin Moreno takes office in Ecuador.

Expect above-average Atlantic hurricane season, US forecasters say.


Trump talks counter-terrorism with EU, NATO leaders.

NATO to 'formally join' anti-ISIL coalition.

Father of Manchester bomb suspect 'was in militant group'.


OPEC agrees to extend oil production cut for nine months. OPEC extends cuts in oil output by nine months. denies exploiting users' DNA.

Private firm launches rocket from New Zealand.

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