Friday, May 5, 2017

World News Briefs -- May 5, 2017 (Evening Edition)

Reuters: Macron stretches lead in last throes of French presidential campaign

Centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron extended his lead in the polls over his far-right rival Marine Le Pen on Friday, the final day of campaigning in a tumultuous election race that has turned the country's politics upside down.

Sunday's election is seen as the most important in France for decades, with two diametrically opposed views of Europe and France's place in the world at stake.

The National Front's Le Pen would close borders and quit the euro currency, while independent Macron, who has never held elected office, wants closer European cooperation and an open economy.

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Russia's Lavrov, U.S. Tillerson discuss de-escalation in Syria.

Russia: Syrian safe zones plan to go into effect at midnight.

Russia says has already stopped bombing proposed Syria safe zones.

US warplanes among those barred from flying over Syria's 'safe zones' in proposal. Russia-brokered Syria no-fly zone deal bans U.S. aircraft, too.

Syria government 'producing chemical weapons at research facilities'.

Iraqi forces gain foothold in northwest Mosul after surprise new push.

Iraqis prepare for final assault into Mosul.

Iraqi general pledges to get rid of ISIS 'in three weeks' from Mosul.

Iran's election frontrunners to discuss issues in live debate: TV. Iran's Rouhani slams nuclear deal saboteurs in debate.

Turkish court rejects Wikipedia's appeal over website's blocking: Anadolu.


Philippines to complain to U.N. after investigator's unannounced visit.

Chinese navy hands over three pirates to Somali authorities.

Clashes erupt on Pakistan-Afghan frontier killing 'several': Pakistan. Clash erupts on Afghan-Pakistan border. 'Afghan' firing on Pakistan census team kills several.

North Korea accused the CIA of plotting to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. North Korea claims CIA plot to kill Kim Jong-un.

IAEA chief: North Korea continues nuclear test efforts.

U.N. denounces China crackdown on lawyers, seeks release.

As Trump woos China’s Xi, Dalai Lama has to wait on the sidelines.

Questions for US military after doubt cast on efficiency of Afghan bombing.

Trump and Turnbull 'get along great' after rocky start to relationship.


Boko Haram attack in Chad kills nine troops, 40 jihadists: sources.

US military member killed in Somalia on anti-extremist work. Pentagon: al Shabaab attackers 'neutralized' in clash that led to U.S. death.

Former Mauritanian junta chief dies of heart attack.

Migrant rescues, deaths in Med as NGOs cry foul.

Algeria election: Governing coalition wins parliamentary vote.

Somalia sacks senior official over minister's shooting.

3 former South African leaders join to criticize Zuma.
Nigeria's Buhari seen in public for first time in weeks.

Nigerian officials jailed for selling food aid.


German defense minister apologizes over criticism of military.

As bitter French campaign ends, candidates get in last shots.

Macron stretches lead as French presidential campaign enters final day.

French election: Macron and Le Pen wrap up tense campaign.

Euro hits six-month high before French election. France's vote ripples across Europe, markets, diplomacy.

Local elections: UKIP suffers big losses across England.

Brexit: English language 'losing importance' - EU's Juncker.

Lavrov stresses Russia bent on defeating IS.

Serbian FM seeks diplomatic status for Russian-run base.


Health care heads to US Senate, bitter fight expected. Trump: 'Everybody' has better healthcare than US.

Trump will work with 'whoever' France elects as president.

Senate asks Trump associates for details on Russian contacts.

Trump signs spending bill, averting government shutdown.

Trump to visit Israel, Saudi Arabia and Vatican in first foreign trip. Trump plans first presidential overseas trip, to Israel, Vatican and Saudi Arabia.

'I love Australia' Trump says as leaders meet after refugee row.

US House of Representatives votes to impose new North Korea sanctions.

Comey reveals few details about state of Russia inquiry.

Brazil politicians hit by corruption scandal unlikely to return, former president says.

Young protester dies, taking Venezuela unrest death toll to 37.

Latin American nations denounce Venezuela crackdown.

Gustavo Dudamel attacks Venezuelan president Maduro: 'Enough is enough'.

Argentinians furious over supreme court ruling.

Still a danger, US judge rules 'El Chapo' must remain in solitary confinement.

Most US homes have mobiles but no landline.


Exclusive: Trump counterterrorism strategy urges allies to do more.

UN scrutinizes Saudi Arabia's anti-terror laws.

German police arrest suspected 'Islamic State' militant near Leipzig.

Brazil jails eight militants over Rio Olympic plot.


Families of San Bernardino shooting sue Facebook, Google, Twitter.

Oil rebounds on Saudi assurances Russia will extend supply cuts.

Oil hits five-month low amid warnings of commodities rout.

1st large Chinese-made passenger jet C919 takes flight, seeks to rival Boeing & Airbus.

Uber faces criminal probe in US over 'greyball' code.

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