Monday, May 8, 2017

World News Briefs -- May 8, 2017 (Evening Edition)

Washington Post: After killing militant commander, Afghan forces push deeper into Islamic State territory

KABUL — Seeking to capitalize on the death of a top Islamic State commander, Afghan forces have surged through districts in eastern Afghanistan long held by the radical Islamist group as warplanes have pounded militant hideouts in the past week, officials said Monday.

The offensive in Nangahar province is targeting Islamic State fighters at a time when their numbers are down and their leadership is in disarray after a U.S.-Afghan commando raid in late April killed the group’s senior regional leader, Abdul Hasib.

It also underscores the intensifying focus on Nangahar, where on April 13 the U.S. military dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb on a complex of caves and tunnels used by the Islamic State, reportedly killing 36 militants. Nangahar, on the border with Pakistan, is a main route for militant fighters and supplies.

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Civilians complicate final phase of Mosul campaign: U.S. commander.

Islamic State mounts fierce resistance on new Mosul front. IS attacks Iraq base where US advisers stationed.

Russia seeks UN backing for deal on Syria safe zones.

Syria rejects international forces in safe zones.

Syria’s Kurds march on to Raqqa and the sea.

Syrian army advances despite deal to cut violence, monitor says.

Evacuation of Syrian rebels starts in Barzeh.

Mattis: US reviewing Syria safe zones but has many questions.

Lavrov will meet Tillerson in Washington DC to talk Syria & Ukraine on May 10. Tillerson to discuss Syria crisis with Russian counterpart.

Saudi Arabia will be razed except for Mecca & Medina if it attacks Iran – defense minister.

Bill to declare Israel a Jewish state back on national agenda.

New Hamas chief tours native Gaza, highlights power shift.

Iran's Rouhani says election rivals are 'violent extremists'.


South Koreans vote for new leader after months of political vacuum.

Detention of U.S. citizen by North Korea 'concerning': White House.

North Korea claims plot reveals US state-sponsored terrorism.

North Korea detains another American over alleged 'acts of hostility'.

No time to relax for South Korean opponents of controversial US anti-missile system.

Taliban again threaten key northern Afghan city.

Pakistan and Afghanistan dispute toll after clashes. Pakistan claims it killed 50 Afghan border troops.

Philippine 'war on drugs' comes under fire at UN Human Rights Council.

Indonesia to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir group in Jakarta protest counterstrike.


Libya forces advance on last jihadist bastions in Benghazi.

Nearly 200 missing, 11 dead as migrant boats sink off Libya. Hundreds of migrants feared dead in Mediterranean over weekend: survivors.

Islamist suicide bomber kills at least eight in Somali capital.

Former rebels block entrance to I. Coast's second city.

4,600 people flee their homes in DR Congo daily: UN.

Nine Chadian soldiers killed in clash with Boko Haram.

Al-Shabab allegedly beheads 2 captured Somali soldiers near Mahaday.

Egypt says kills 8 Brotherhood members before terrorist acts.

Thousands seek aid amid Somaliland drought.

UN: 2m children displaced by South Sudan conflict.

South African police fire rubber bullets to quell riot.

'Optimism' over release of remaining Chibok hostages.

Chinese Navy hands over notorious pirate leader.


Czech president sets conditions for sacking finance minister in rift with PM.

Act II for France’s Macron: getting the majority to govern.

France's mainstream breathes sigh of relief.

EU leaders thrilled to welcome Monsieur President Macron.

Vladimir Putin reaches out to France's Emmanuel Macron during 'difficult time for Europe'. Putin urges end of 'mutual distrust' in message to Macron.

Trump congratulates Emmanuel Macron on French election win.

Macron hackers linked to Russian-affiliated group behind US attack.

Merkel's CDU wins elections in Schleswig-Holstein.

US calls on Kosovo to ratify border deal with Montenegro.

Ukraine bans American actor Steven Seagal for 5 years.


Venezuela opposition boycotts meeting on Maduro assembly, clashes rage.

Trump's revised travel ban goes before federal appeals court.

Worried world urges Trump not to pull out of Paris climate agreement.

Legal war over Trump’s halted travel ban resumes without fanfare.

Obama voices 'fervent hope' Congress will tread carefully on healthcare.

Obama warned Trump not to hire Flynn: reports.

Former Trump aide might have been open to Russia blackmail: ex-U.S. official

Cuba concerns over US trade embargo.

Canada political pressures force PM's hand on U.S. trade disputes.

Montreal declares state of emergency over flooding.


US and Afghan officials: 'IS' leader in Afghanistan killed in military raid. Pentagon: Islamic State's Afghan leader killed in April raid.

Remedial ISIS tutorial steers jihadists toward heavier, deadlier truck attacks.

Trump counterterrorism strategy urges allies to do more.


Wall Street flat; fear barometer falls to 1993 low.

Nimble shale drillers outpump giants, confounding OPEC clampdown.

Warren Buffett just confirmed the death of retail as we know it.

Apple just got its most bullish forecast yet: Worth $1 trillion in a year.

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