Friday, June 16, 2017

A Trade War Between The U.S. And Germany Over Russian Sanctions?

Reuters: Germany threatens retaliation if U.S. sanctions harm its firms

Germany threatened on Friday to retaliate against the United States if new sanctions on Russia being proposed by the U.S. Senate end up penalizing German firms.

The Senate bill, approved on Thursday by a margin of 98-2, includes new sanctions against Russia and Iran. Crucially, it foresees punitive measures against entities that provide material support to Russia in building energy export pipelines.

Berlin fears that could pave the way for fines against German and European firms involved in Nord Stream 2, a project to build a pipeline carrying Russian gas across the Baltic.

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WNU Editor: The Nord Stream 2 natural gas project is vital to Germany's future economic well-being .... as well as a means for them to stay away from nuclear power. These U.S. economic sanctions against Russia is not going to fly with Berlin .... and for a few other EU nations. From the Russian side .... Moscow needs this project to meet its budget goals a few years from now. Any interruption in this project will be seen as a hostile act. The bill is now in the US House of Representatives for consideration .... I will not be surprised if right now there are a lot of calls being made between Europe and Washington to change and/or drop this bill. Will these lobbying efforts succeed .... I do not know.

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B.Poster said...

Dropping the bill would definitely be the wise course of action. Since we need to end Cold War 2 and sanctions against Russia even if justified were/are never going to be sustainanle, it'd be best to not only not expand sanctions but to drop the ones already in place.

While we do not know which lobbying effort will prevail, in a sane country with sane leaders, the bill would be dropped. It'd be a no brainer. It's best to step back from the precipice of destruction while one still can. Unfortunately US leaders are, in many cases NOT sane right now. I do hope and pray cooler heads prevail and this bill gets dropped.

TWN said...

It's been along time since there has been any sane leadership anywhere in the world.Then again how do you get sane leaders in a world populated by by insane people.